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Why Pick up a Newspaper?

Why Pick up a Newspaper?

February 11, 2020

Senioritis Sucks…Here’s Why you Should Stick it Out

Felicity Wenger, Editor-in-Chief

February 11, 2020

As the year comes to a close, senioritis has begun to set in. The struggle of turning in work on time, waking up early all week, or even just having the patience to pay attention, is absolutely real. The thought of graduating...

The Thrill of the Chase

Basima Khan, Managing Editor

December 10, 2019

Street Racing is an illegal form of auto racing on public roads. Although the concept of driving a car over a hundred miles an hour, wind and speed rushing past your face, appears thrilling, this activity possesses severe hazard...

Boomer Town

Boomer Town

October 10, 2019

Letter to a Freshman

Letter to a Freshman

September 13, 2019

A drawing of a supposed Alien UFO hidden in Area 51.

Storming Area 51

September 13, 2019

Graduation Preparation

April 12, 2019

Nobody ever told seniors how difficult coming back from spring break and finishing off this last stretch of high school would be. Looking back on these past four years, in reality, time has flown by extremely fast. Still, I can...

Pro Snow / No Snow

December 13, 2018

Silent But Deadly

Elizabeth Yost, Staff Writer

October 17, 2018

“Mental health improving is one of the best feelings ever. It’s like coming out of a rainstorm. Suddenly, everything is brighter.” - Maya Larkin

See Ya Seniors

Desiree Pitts, Senior Staff Writer

October 16, 2018

Every student looks forward to the glory days of senior year: going to all the senior events, planning the grad parties and senior trips, and the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve almost made it to that light at the end of ...

Why Resolutions Fail

Why Resolutions Fail

February 27, 2018

How the Seniors Got Screwed Over

Mychaela Burris and Esther Rose

January 30, 2018

The 2017-2018 school year seems, to the seniors, to be defined by disappointment, beginning with the new parking lot situation (due to the loss of a road students experienced a more crowded parking lot). New problems seem to cont...

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