Goodbye Mum

Jami Breon

As stress inflates this time of year,

You look around and see no cheer.

For Seniors, it’s decision time.

They must decide where to begin their prime.


The time is now for many, including me.

I just want to go where I know I’ll be free.

So, I chose the place where I grew up.

I’ve been there since I was a little pup.


K-State is my home away from home.

K-State is where the Wildcats roam.

From all the shops in Aggieville,

To football games at “The Bill”.


As I fly away to the land of The Cats,

It’s the habits of High School, I’ll need to combat.

Dorm life, games, and study sessions galore,

Will be my only life if I want to soar.


I will be part of the Purple Pride,

where I hope to continue to make many strides.

So, college here I now come.

All that’s left to be said is, “Goodbye Mum”.