Killing Children

Samantha Carr

How do the innocent become the guilty?
In a time of need, they have no voice,
no choice.
Their life is sucked away before their eyes,
they can’t cry as their mother tells them lies.
They never breathe,
because their life was wiped away like a breeze.
They’ll never feel the warm hug
as they embrace a mother’s love,
because their chance was taken away
before they even got a say.
Nine months, a whole life,
until it’s cut away by the butchers knife.
And then you’ll snuff out their light,
before they even get to fight.
You speak of equal rights,
then kill them in the nights,
like their not humans too,
or like their not apart of you.
Fifty million dead,
but you can’t get that through your head,
because it’s a controversy to behold,
and yet, their stories are never told.
The story of a life that was never lived,
of a child that never got to give
their love in their first day,
or how they never got to say
their first words.
Their life becomes blurred.
Their vision is unclear
as you look upon them with sneer.
Because you can’t handle the responsibilities,
take away their chance at liberty,
just a liability.
A story untold,
yet to get to hold,
or see,
or breathe.
Because we kill the children,
with a guarantee.