The Hawk's Eye

2017-2018 Staff

Mychaela Burris

Senior Staff Writer

Mychaela Burris is a new Senior Staff Writer this year.

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Basima Khan

Staff Writer

Basima Khan is a new staff writer on the Hawk's Eye.

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Andrea Shehi

Staff Writer

Andrea Shehi is a freshman staff writer and Chamber Violinist.

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Esther Rose

Staff Writer

Esther Rose is a new staff writer.

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Kaytlin Willis

Staff Writer

Kaytlin Willis is new to the staff this year.

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Michaela Bilyeu

Senior Staff Writer

Michaela Bilyeu is a new senior staff writer this year.

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Leonie Frischmuth

Senior Staff Writer

Leonie Frischmuth is a German foreign exchange student and new to the staff.

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Will Debolt

Senior Staff Writer

Will Debolt started out as a source and now joins the staff as a senior staff writer.

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Addis Sharpe


Addis Sharpe is the Hawk's Eye Business Manager. Talk to her about buying ads!

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Ryan Smith

Online Editor

Ryan Smith is the online editor and has built this website with the help of SNOsites.

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Melanie Eszter

Managing Editor

Melanie Eszter is the new Managing Editor for the Hawk's Eye.

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Margo Dulny

Staff Writer

Margo Dulny is a third year staff writer.

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Felicity Wenger

Staff Writer

This is Felicity Wenger's second year on stafff.

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Jacob Wilson

Editor in Chief

Jacob Wilson is the Editor in Chief. He works with Ryan Smith and Melanie Eszter to run the Hawk's Eye Newspaper.

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Erin McCarthy

Social Media Chair

Erin McCarthy is the new Social Media Chair and still preforms theatre.

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