Author In Training


Michelle S. Kim/University Commu

Expressive writing is one medium through which people process their toughts and feelings following stressful or traumatic events but the rate of emotional well-being and recovery depends on one’s culture.

Sam Hulsey, Staff Writer

Over the span of several years, I’ve come up with a few ideas for TV/animated shows I’d fantasize about producing. Unfortunately, as I realized I wouldn’t make a good director/animator, I threw those ideas away. I decided to instead focus on the passions I did have.

New ideas were rebelliously forming in my head, however. As I was maturing, those ideas became less “dumb,” and I became more interested in putting them into action. I still wanted to toss them out of the window due to my lack of skill in directing/animating, but they were like boomerangs and came straight back to me.

In late 2021, I decided to succumb to the lingering of ideas in my head and, if I couldn’t produce a show, why not produce a book? I mean, I’m not the best writer in my English class, but as I started putting my ideas into detail, I found a new hobby.

“Zoning Out” was my first project. It’s a psychological thriller series about 6 college students who get transported into a dark abyss. They escape the abyss one by one, and one of the escapees contacts the media.

There’s a lot more to the idea, but I don’t want to spoil it. What I like about the idea is that it’s a mystery series where the media becomes heavily involved, and the involvement carries on to general society.

For now, I’m keeping “Zoning Out” as a work-in-progress, because I’ve developed a new idea that I want to finish first. Since February 2, I’ve been writing a novel called “Social 180.”

“Social 180” is about a 20-year-old with intense social anxiety. It takes place starting at his first day of University, where he worries he won’t be able to adjust to the environment. Although his social anxiety is severe, he attempts to mitigate it by faking confidence, and initiating conversations. He succeeds and begins admiring his progress, which boosts his confidence.

My social experience through my time in high school was what inspired the idea of “Social 180.” The main character is heavily based on me, reflecting my own social anxiety and false confidence. I wanted to write about how those factors could translate into a college environment.

There’s more to the lore of the novel, and it’s currently being written down. Once I finish chapter 10, I plan on posting a work-in-progress preview. I don’t know when I’ll finish the book completely, but I do know that it’ll be my first book to be released.

Overall, since writing isn’t my primary hobby, I don’t plan to release many books. I do at least want to release “Social 180,” and a possible sequel. “Zoning Out” may never be finished, however.