Outer Banks Season 3


Hannah Polonskiy, Staff Writer

After a 2 year wait Outer Banks has returned for season 3. All season 1 and 2 cast returned for the long-awaited adventure-filled season. Outer Banks takes place in Outer Banks, North Carolina circa 2023. The show focuses on a group of teenagers living on the south side of Kildare Island called the cut. They call themselves the pogues, John B, JJ, Kei, and Pope. The north side of the island which they call Figure 8 is where the Kooks live, The kooks are the wealthy neighbors of the pogues. 

John B and his father lived on the cut until his father went missing and was presumed dead. John B’s father (Big John) had a lifelong goal of finding millions of dollars worth of gold from The Royal Merchant shipwreck. John B continued his father’s wishes of finding the gold until Ward Cameron, Big John’s former treasure-hunting partner, steals the gold from them. The pogues get on a boat trying to escape Ward who is trying to kill them, but on the boat is Sarah Cameron, Ward’s daughter, now dating John B. 

Ward captures the pogues and Sarah and takes them on his boat to the Bahamas which is where he is taking the gold. Ward framed the pogues claiming they stole the gold from him so if they tried to escape and go back to Kildare island the police would be waiting for them. The pogues managed to escape the boat and evade all of wards men hunting them all over the Bahamas. They retu

rn to the cut, where the police are waiting for John B with a warrant for his arrest. John B is imprisoned until he proves his innocence. 

The police begin hunting down Ward. They find him on his boat at the docks but within minutes the boat bursts into flames with Ward presumed dead. That caps offthe end of season 2. In season 3 the pogues are faced with another mystery but you will have to watch to find out what it is.