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If Walls Could Talk

If Walls could talk – Kyra Poro

There’s been talk in my country of building me for years,

Some believed I would help, but for others I caused fear

In a perfect world, my greatness would stretch shore to shore,

But in a perfect world, what on earth would a border wall be for?

A life I didn’t ask for, a purpose I can’t fulfill

On one side hope and promise, but the other, it’s shoot to kill

Why was I put here? To my knowledge, I’m not easing any tension

Where are the funds for my expansion? Another answer, still unmentioned

There are valid points present supporting my unneeded completion

There’s no effort in understanding, only countless voices preachin’

Nobody’s weighing all the options, pitching a compromising plan,

All I see is fingers pointing, let’s see what race they choose to ban

But that’s just one side to the story, and from here, I can see two

On the south side, approaching foreigners, and I can tell that they want through

What’s the purpose? Where’d they come from? What could they possibly have to gain?

Good Ole lambs to the slaughter, living lives of endless pain

They all swarmed to the scene when they heard of the topic,

It doesn’t help anything, pain making your profit

Who is anyone to shame them? Who picks what life they get to live?

They’re just confused, they don’t belong here, and a wall is what we give?

I’m just a wall with observations, evidently no one seems to care

Could my thoughts and ideas help the world be more fair?

Nobody flinched when my construction split a butterfly home in half

Nobody walked up to the border, nobody obstructed my building path

To those with an understanding of the situation, I call

Here’s my plans and ideas, but I am only a wall

So if you can hear me, I’d choose now to listen

The world is limitless, and this is my mission

In situations, pay attention, make your own decisions

That’s the first thing I want valued in the world that I envision

Understanding is power, if you choose to accept it

Pointing out wrongs to help society correct it

Years of being the country’s center of attention

Watching years with no sign of innovation or invention

Wrongs made right, that’s how everything grows

The answers are right there, if you care then you’ll know

Information is absorbed from the world, all around you

Pick out the thoughts with meaning and value

Lessons and life-long experience will stick

Take it from me, learning that isn’t quick

I’m just a wall, you can take what you want

Here’s an honest perspective from the subject’s front

It isn’t required to be a good person

But if given the chance, I might be a good version

Treat everyone equal, it’s okay we’re all different

Testing the law created our 14th amendment

Take from this what you decide

I’m just a wall, but a wall who tried.


Written by Krya Poro on the subject of Donald Trump’s wall. Kyra claims this piece wouldn’t normally spiral from a topic of her choice and “Initially I thought I would write [to] eliminate my personal struggle [of] picking a side so this third party quickly became the wall,” Poro said. This piece was written for Poro’s creative writing class.

Creative writing class, taught by Ms. Gretl Shelton, helps those who enjoy writing and want to get better at it, do so. The class also has an eye opening aspect, full of class debates and discussion. Many perspectives exist, causing a variety of educational opportunities to prevent themselves  in creative writing.

“My favorite thing about the class is the diversity in perspectives which allows me to not only learn from Ms. Shelton, but the students around me,” Poro said.

The class is open to anyone interested in sharing their own ideas and perspectives of life and specific issues, often controversial. If you would like to sample the sorts of things written in creative writing other than the poem above, check out the wall adorned with the quote “I am the sky. My emotions, the weather” near Ms. Shelton’s room in the english hallway.

If you want your own poem featured on this website, send an email to [email protected] with your name and grade with your poem. If you’d like to be anonymous, please include that in your email! Open to all students and staff (Even you Castro).


Felicity Wenger // Co-Editor in Chief