Sports Horror Stories

Felicity Wenger, Staff Writer

Sophomore Makaela Lewis

“Right after I served the volleyball, I dove [for the return]. I hit my knee hard enough to where it popped completely out of place. Once I hit the floor, I started to scream [for] help while looking at my coach. It took everyone a second to realize that I was hurt, but once they did, everyone started to run towards me to see what was wrong. They tried to have me roll over on my back, but any little movement would [hurt] my knee more and I would scream and couldn’t stop. I couldn’t move my hands and my face started to vibrate because I was hyperventilating. I finally controlled my breathing but couldn’t move my hands until later. Luckily a paramedic who was off duty was close and ran over to help, [along with] my best friend Lexi Simmons’s mom. They called the ambulance [be]cause my mom wasn’t there and no one wanted to pop it back in place. Once the paramedics came they gave me drugs to stop the pain, [but] I don’t think they worked [be]cause my foot moved and I started to scream again. It was the worst pain I have ever been in. They put me on a stretcher and my best friend’s mom rode with me to the hospital. Once I was there they gave me more hard core drugs and popped it back into place. Once it was back into place it felt much better. My knee was hurt before [so] they gave me a brace [to stop any movement]. I went home and slept and my [volleyball] team brought flowers and balloons [for me]. They forfeited the tournament but we still didn’t get last.”


Cross Country coach Mr. Tony Bozarth

“When I was a freshman in college we had our first track meet at Ft. Hays State. It was 34 degrees, and I ran the Steeplechase, which is a two-mile run with hurdles and a hurdle over a water jump. When I went to hurdle the water jump, the guy behind me clipped my leg and I fell into the water jump pit. Because it was so cold, they had drained most of the water, so I fell six feet and landed on my head, basically on concrete. It knocked me cold, and the pictures of it show me with a mixture of blood, mud and cold dirty water (there was a little left) all over me. It was not a great start to a college track career.”

Freshman Savannah Hammons


“I was playing softball with my eleven-year-old sister because my parents told me to, even though I hate softball. My sister was pitching and ended up throwing it too low. I decided to bend down and stop it but last minute the ball bounced up and hit me in the face. I currently have a black eye.”




Sophomore Riley Angel

“I was running to first base [when I] tripped and fell on my face. [I] cut my lip [and] had to get stitches and got a really bad concussion.”


Extra Stories

“At the regional bowling meet I was on the last lane, so everyone was around my lane. I was already bowling bad so that was embarrassing enough, but then I went to shoot a spare and I slid and face planted on the lane in front of everyone.” -Sophomore Charlie Cannon


“I was in sixth grade at soccer and some kid wore cleats with a metal spike. He ended up spiking me and the spike chipped the ends of my bone off my ankle.” -sophomore Ethan Pierce


“Freshman year during basketball [season] we were in a timeout and Mason Adison goes to wipe off his shoe. When he put his foot back down, he brought my pants and boxers down with him in front of the cheerleaders.” -junior Marqel Wills


“We were performing our jazz routine last year at nationals in Texas for the dance team. When we went to do a kick, I fell. We still won the national championship.” -Sophomore Samantha Sieben


“About a month ago, I was playing soccer on a really hot day and threw up all over myself mid-game. I had to keep playing with it on my shirt for the rest of the game.” -Sophomore Charlotte Edds


“I was at football practice and we were about to run a play. Right when I got in my stance, my boxers ripped completely in half.” -Sophomore Hezekiah Newman


“When I was at a basketball game for the dance team, I was walking down to the bleachers and I fell and twisted my ankle.” -Sophomore Lexi Berding


“I was at softball practice and coach threw a ball in the air for me to catch. The ball hit me in the eye.”  -Freshman Kaitey Davis


Felicity Wenger // Staff Writer