Tales from the Crypt


Will DeBolt, Senior Staff Writer

“So one night my wife and I were heading to a big Halloween party near where we used to live. We were waiting in traffic when an ambulance comes out from behind us. As the ambulance goes down the road the traffic around it starts parting to the side so I decide to follow it to get through traffic quicker. As the ambulance is speeding down the road, it hits a bump, the back door opens up, and a Styrofoam box falls out of it. I slam on the brakes before I’m about to hit it, get out of the car, and walk over to the box. I open the box to find that it is storing a human toe.”

~ Eddie Shafer – Theatre Director


“One night I was home alone and we had just moved into our new house, in a new neighborhood. I heard a noise coming from our garage and my dog started to bark at it. I started to freak out. I grabbed a knife, went up to my room, and climbed onto my roof. I kept trying to call my parents but they wouldn’t answer. I waited on my roof until, finally, they arrived. As they were opening the garage door I saw a figure run out of the garage. I tried telling my parents about it but they didn’t believe me.”

~ Senior Sydney Penegar

“One night, when I was about five years old, I was sleeping on top of my bunk bed and I woke up feeling a bit strange. I look to the hallway and I see a silhouette of a figure in the halls holding my sister in its arms. I could see that it was my sister, Ashley, because all of her features were visible but I could see no details of the figure holding her, only a dark shadow. I assumed it was my dad and I asked, ‘Dad what are you doing with Ashley?’ I got no response back so I ignored it and went back to bed. I asked him about it the next morning and he said it was not him because he was asleep the whole time. When I talked to my mom about it, she had brought up a dream she had when she and my dad got married. She said that in the dream, she was also visited by a dark figure and she felt that the figure was my dad’s dad. The weird thing was that my grandfather had died when my dad was five years old.”

~ Senior Brett Gaffney


“One night my friends and I were out driving around, trying to find cool places to explore. While searching, we came across this big lit up mansion and nearby it is this big abandoned looking building. We decide to go investigate the abandoned one. We head inside of it and it is obvious that this building has been left to rot. We walk around until we hear a bunch of other voices coming from outside. We go to a room to hide and while we run, the floor collapses below one of my friends and we automatically run over to help him out. Once we get him up we look at the hole he created and we see that it goes down for about three-stories.  After that we find a way to sneak out of the building and we head home.”

~ Senior Alex Ge


“My grandmother had passed away in my house when I was in 8th grade. It had already been a couple months after she had died and I was home alone in my bathroom. While I was in the bathroom, I heard someone run up the upstairs stairs and yell my name. I came out of the bathroom thinking it was my mom and found that no one was there. I started to search around my house to see if my mom was home but I got no sign of her. A while after all this happened, during a separate occasion, I was watching a show on Netflix until it paused to buffer. While it was buffering I looked up in my hallway to see my grandmother walking past the door. I go into the hallways and find no sign of her.”

~ Senior Sydney Besa


“My dad’s old house was haunted and we used to have this old radio that would play the sounds of kids swinging on swings and laughing. After having to live with it for a while, my dad decided to hire a medium to try to cleanse the house. He hid the radio and asked the Medium to find it to see if she was real and to see if something really was up with the house. A few moments later she ends up finding the radio without any prior hints from my dad. She had concluded that the house was haunted.”

~ Senior Joel Rapue


“I was home on a Saturday night and I noticed there was a guy standing at my back door with a ski mask and I tried to tell my mom but she didn’t believe me. When I went back to the backdoor he had disappeared so I tried to ignore it. Another day my sister was coming home from dance and she had noticed that someone was following her. She called my mom and my mom told her to try to lose them, which she did, and she got home safe. Later that day, while my sister was on the couch watching TV, she looked out the window and saw another guy wearing a ski mask and she ran to my mom so my mom turned off all of the lights in the house so they wouldn’t be able to see inside. A couple minutes later, we heard a bunch of loud crashing noises coming from the basement. We decided to call the police. When the police came to investigate the basement they found that the man had left and he ended up smashing a bunch of our tables. They never were able to find the guy.”

~ Senior Annie Knapp

“For the past five years, every Halloween, my dad would dress up as a clown with a chainsaw, wait for kids to come up to our door, try to trap them, and then chase them away with the chainsaw.”

~ Senior Michael Huffines


“I was at Worlds of Fun for the Halloween Haunt back in 4th Grade. I was walking around the park when a clown jumped out at me. I didn’t know how to react to It so I punched him in the nose and got kicked out of Worlds of Fun.”

~ Senior Jack Bettis



William DeBolt // Senior Staff Writer