Hawk Hour Follow Up


Kaytlin Willis, Staff Writer

From leaving trash in the halls to fighting in the commons; is Hawk Hour becoming a recess for some Olathe East students? Olathe East students have been given the opportunity of having almost an hour of lunch, but some seem to have lost sight of the sole purpose of Hawk Hour. Students are given the time to visit teachers, work on homework, talk with friends, and still have time to eat. However, there’s a chance that Hawk Hour could be taken away. A recent announcement stated that the failure to throw trash away could result in the suspension of Hawk Hour.

This a common problem throughout the school and the janitors are left to clean it up. Wrappers lay scattered in the halls, milk is left spilled on the floors, and trays are abandoned on tables. It would be a tragedy to have Hawk Hour suspended since, those who have been interviewed, have nothing but positive comments on Hawk Hour.

“I like it, it’s fun!” Said Danielle Woods.

“I think that it is much better than the previous schedule and that it also helps with time management,” said Vanea Gates.

“I think it allows for a more flexible schedule,” said Morgan Campbell.

Another occurring problem with Hawk Hour is that some people aren’t using their time to go see teachers. Having time to see a teacher is one of the many perks of having Hawk Hour. You can make up work or get help. This was one of the reasons- listed during the announcement in the beginning of the year – why Hawk Hour has replaced the previous schedule of having four lunches. However, some students don’t seem to want to see their teachers more than they have to. It’s come to the point that students are having to be called to their teacher’s classrooms or to the office, to be told that they have to see a teacher. A recent announcement, made by Mrs. Lane (principal), stated that those students who refuse the request to see a teacher will be nested. for those who don’t what being nested is; it is when a student is given ten minutes to collect their lunch and is then restricted to one room. According to Hayden Glenn, who was nested for throwing a grape, did not seem to like it. “It sucks. It’s boring,” said Hayden Glenn.

There is also a problem with seating and the length of the lunch line. Most students are able to get a table before they are all taken, but other students are left with sitting on the ground. This is expected when everyone is put together at once. However, people shouldn’t have to sit on the ground and be uncomfortable. Though there are plenty of tables scattered throughout the school, there is still not enough for everyone and their friends. There are some other seating options for those who don’t want to sit on the floor. Some students enjoy eating in teachers classrooms or hanging out in the library.

“I usually go to Mr.Stevens’ room and if I am absent or miss a class I typically go to those classes,” said Vanea Gates.

“Honestly I just sit in the library and eat with friends or walk around,” said Morgan Campbell.

“I usually spend my Hawk Hour in the commons or in other teacher’s classrooms,” said Daniel Ramsburg.

Hawk Hour is great other than the occasional trash left on the floor, but there is something that can be tweaked. The length of the lunch line. A handful of students can’t get their lunch until the very end of Hawk Hour. This is not as big of an issue, but it has ben a common response when students are asked how Hawk Hour can be improved. Students have almost an hour for lunch, so students should remember that they don’t have to get lunch at the beginning of lunch. This could help students save time. Time they could use to visit friends or teachers and even work on homework. Hawk Hour is a good time to get things done, whatever it may be.

If Hawk Hour is used responsibly; meaning everyone cleans up their trash, visit teachers when needed, and refrains from fighting than there will be a less chance of getting Hawk Hour suspended.


Kaytlin Willis // Staff Editor