War Hawks

Two Seniors Enlisted in the United States Military

Ryan Smith, Online Editor

Elizabeth Carr – Army Reserves


Reserves: Should war break out, Carr’s unit ships out after active duty soldiers.

Family History: Great Grandfather and Grandfather Pfeiffer served in the Army. Grandfather Falconé and Carr’s father served in the Marines. Carr’s sister currently serves in the Navy.

Carr’s Great Grandfather was likely drafted. Grandfather Falconé and Carr’s father enlisted to leave town. Grandfather ‘s reason remains unknown. Allie Carr joined the Navy out of patriotism.


Carr’s Reasoning: “They pay for school, which is nice, but just having all the family in it… Dad is proud of his time in the Marines. He doesn’t talk about it but you know he’s proud of it. I want to experience that pride.”

Preparation: Carr trains with fellow future soldiers at the Olathe recruiting center. She attends drill at the Reserves once a month. She recently completed an anti-terrorism class, required before traveling out of the country.


Plans: “I’m trying to get a scholarship that they offer so they can pay for my undergraduate, and then I’ll go to med school. When I finish med school is when I can go active because I’ll be done with all of my requirements. Then I can be a combat surgeon, which is the dream.”


Jacob Miller – Delayed Entry Army


Family History: Miller’s grandfather served in the Army.

Miller’s Reasoning: “I chose the Army so I can choose my career that I want, choose the job…in most branches you can’t do that. I’ve always wanted to join. I have a chance to make a difference on terrorism.”

Delayed Entry: Miller enlisted at age 17 with parental consent and swore in.  He leaves for basic training after graduation in May.

Preparation: He trains in endurance twice a week at the recruiting office and works out on his own time.

Scholarships: After enlisting, Miller received an $11,000 bonus and will receive an additional $60,000 after training. This excludes the Government Issue Bill granting him discounted college tuition.

Current Work: Miller enlisted as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist, however he wants to earn a Ranger Contract.

Becoming a Ranger: “Rangers, they’re kind of an elite special operations. They focus more on direct action terrorism and going after people… terrorist leaders. They basically do the really dangerous, dirty work in the army.”


Ryan Smith // Online Editor