Young Republicans

A Look into the OE Young Republicans Club

Jacob Wilson and Will DeBolt

Interview Questions:

1.) Do you have any tips for students that are starting to get involved in politics?

2.) What do you think of the state of our country right now?

3.) Why did you join the Young Republicans?

4.) Why do you think it’s important to be politically informed, even when you can’t vote?

5.) What political ideologies of your party do you most support?

6.) What, if any, political ideologies of your party would you tend to disagree with?


Adam Sweat (Junior):

1.) Start at the base. I recommend a political test, I recommend just taking that and find out where you stand. Then start talking to people around you. Start talking to teachers. Start talking to just that guy that’s sitting at a Starbucks that wants to talk. Don’t be afraid to start learning more, because everybody has to start somewhere.

4.) Just because you can’t vote doesn’t mean you can’t influence. It also doesn’t mean you won’t be able to vote. In the future you will be able to vote and if you wait and try to learn everything the day you’re going to vote you’re going to be overwhelmed and likely vote against your own conscience.

6.) I tend to disagree with anything that finds itself rooted in anger, fear, or hate. It’s grown among both parties. it is very very important to understand that any ideology that is based in racism, that is based in sexism is not one that comes from a rational mindset, and is one that comes straight from emotion.


Allie Petracek (Senior):

2.) The Republicans aren’t doing jack in Congress right now and the Democrats are just mad at each other so nothing’s going on. So it’s not working out, it’s not very good. So the government, the state of the government is fine, but the people aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

3.) I love politics and I love arguing, so it was just a combination of my two favorite things. [Also] we’re the future of America, so we need to know what is going on and what is taking place, one way to know what’s going on is by joining young republicans or by young democrats.

5.) Definitely the Second Amendment. My grandparents are both members of the NRA, both of them have their license to carry, my dad’s in the military so he has his license. I guess the First Amendment, from a Republican and a Christian standpoint, is kind of being attacked in a sense.

It seems like, at least in the media it seems like, if you’re a conservative or if you’re a Christian, then it’s kinda like, ‘hmm we can shove aside your First Amendment right.’


Will MacFarland (Senior):

3.)  The primary reason I joined the Young Republican’s Club was to bring a different point of view, especially [as] a different kind of Republican. I think that the Republican Party itself has steered away from traditional constitutionalists and traditional values. I think that Trump has taken the Republican Party to a different kind of view.

5.) I probably most support the idea of a free market. Probably having less taxes and less government control. I think America was founded on having a freer society. People like Patrick Henry and the Sons of Liberty revolting against Britain in the late 1700’s were what America was built on.

6.) Republicans are pinned with hate for gay marriage, honestly just being plain racist. Which I don’t think is true at all. I think a lot of Republicans, including myself, are open to the freedom to marry whoever you want and are open to things like diversity. That’s not something I am against at all. I do disagree on Republicans on things such as that.


Jacob Wilson // Editor in Chief

William DeBolt // Senior Staff Writer