What about Thanksgiving?

Leonie Frischmuth, Senior Staff Writer

The United States is the only country which celebrate this holiday which is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. The native people celebrated Thanksgiving because of the harvest, and they hoped for an early spring. The Christians thank God that he gave them enough food with the harvest. Today whole families come together but every family has their own traditions.



  1. A) What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? B) What is your special tradtion?

C)What is your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal?                       D) What is a thing you’re most thankful this year?


Junior Tiffany Hanson

A)My favorite part of Thanksgiving is all the food; usually we don’t have anything

planned out food wise until the day before. Like a couple years ago we had shark, which is


untraditional. But it’s never turkey, I hate turkey- so my mom usually gets ham.

B) Growing up we never did anything exciting; we would typically watch movies.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve gone to the Plaza and watched the Christmas lights turn on. We’ve


going for the last couple years, that’s probably the only thing what we have done


C) Mashed potatoes are my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner; my mom’s cooking is amazing but her mashed potatoes are the best.

A couple years ago, my friend’s mom

told us to use red potatoes, and ever since we switched they’re even better.

D) To see my brother on Thanksgiving, because he is in college since this year.


Senior Gaby Suarez

A) I love sharing time with my family and friends, I know it sounds really cliché.

B) Every year before we eat dinner we like to go around and share everything that we are

thankful for that year, and again very cliché.

C) My favorite thing about Thanksgiving meal is the food in general! We fry a turkey almost

every year so I look forward to eating fried turkey.

D) I am most thankful for the people that have stuck by my side for the last three years and

being able to see my sister since she went to college this year!


  Mrs. Heather Tow- Senior/Sophomore English teacher

A) My favorite part of Thanksgiving is probably turkey and to be with the family.

B) We celebrate with the family of my husband; we don’t have a lot of tradition. After the meal, we

hang out and watch movies, that’s the only thing that we really do. Sometimes they don’t like to eat

traditional Thanksgiving dinner, so sometimes we have steak instead of turkey.

C) I like my turkey. I make this salad; we call it: the cherry-jello apple- salad. It’s apples, walnuts

cherries and jello. It’s like cranberry sauce, but it’s not cranberries. It’s really good. It’s been handed

out down from my great aunt, to my side of the family. It’s really easy to make and it’s like the thing

I can eat all year around. If I had to.

D) I am most thankful for how happy my daughter is right now. I love watching her like figuring

things out.


Leonie Frischmuth // Senior Staff Writer