Why Resolutions Fail


Margo Dulny, Staff Writer

Start Small and Add More Steps

An immeasurable reason many resolutions do not work: people set unrealistic expectations. They do not evaluate a plan for these impracticable new standards for themselves. People think they can accomplish these habits by winging it. Many people focus on working out and losing weight as a common New Year’s resolution; instead of deciding to go to the gym everyday, start out small. For an example, go to the gym once a week. After feeling comfortable with this new habit, add on more days to work out until you reach your final goal.


Focus on One at a Time

When a new year starts, people obsess themselves with multiple new habits leading to stress themselves out. Many people fail with all these unreasonable bits containing no plan. This causes people to overwhelm themselves.

“People set their minds on a superficial goal, later deciding that it isn’t worth their time or easily doable”, a senior said.


Focus on the Present

 Focusing on the end result of a goal essentializes to completing a resolution, but many tend to focus too much on the future forgetting about right now. People get excited and do well in the first two weeks or two, but then wear themselves out and become unmotivated. Focusing the mind on the current task to push through, and not on future tasks to be completed until the time comes.

“[I] make [my resolutions] them my goal daily,” a sophomore explained.


Understand Why

People who typically do not have an important reason to motivate them will not stick with their resolutions. Many people working to lose weight want a stronger or healthier build. So few want to change themselves for an important reason on becoming changing themselves. After awhile, many realize they do not need to change the changes they want and or do not see the point so they lose all motivation.

“I try to keep myself motivated to it and I remind myself why I am doing it,” explained an accomplished sophomore student who worked out everyday for the past year.


Have Accountability

Anyone can fail unless they have a little help to push them along. Wanting to work out, going with someone to the gym or telling someone your goals in order to hold you accountable. This helps to motivate you to the gym or accomplishing a resolution. Similarly, to how people need to finish an assignment or your grade will go down. Not showing up to the gym to meet a friend, may cause division between your friendship.

“I write down [my goals] and place it somewhere I will see it everyday,” a sophomore student said.


Write Down Accomplishes and Failures

People fail at many things but the best thing will to come clean about our mistakes. Also recognizing accomplishments encourages those to stick with the work required to finishing their resolutions.

“It’s hard for people to change their ways,” a senior student said.

People cannot change if they do not admit they already deal with an issue on their own accord.


Margo Dulny // Staff Writer