Walking a Tight Rope between a Job and School

Balancing school and work

Taylor Mossman and Kiara Carter

 Jobs can be very important to a teenager. Jobs start preparing the mind for life after high school and often help teach those who have them many important responsibilities. School can be an issue if time isn’t managed wisely. Get homework done at school and in the amount of free time available. If not because of sports, try doing homework on the way to the sport or during Hawk hour. Talking to teachers can help out tremendously. The Hawks Eye asked students at Olathe East how they manage everyday life while having a job.

  Sophomore Hayden Glenn, discussed how he juggled his job and school work. “I balance them by getting everything done at school, so I don’t have to be stressed about it.” he said. He claims keeping them separate helps him avoid stress about what he needs to get done. It really helps him know whether he got it done or not. Josephine Richards, an OE freshman, explained her tips for balancing her job and schoolwork. “Don’t work a lot during the week. You gotta talk with your parents and your boss and have everybody you on the same page… you gotta make sure everyone is informed. It’s kind of the responsibility process of it,” she said.

Richards who works at Baskin Robbins said “ Most of my hours during the school year gets put in on the weekends. I’m working friday nights and saturday nights. I can’t like have sleepovers with my friends unless I take off,” while explaining her scheduling troubles with other activities outside of work. Normally a minor, student under the age of 18, would be scheduled on the weekends due to school. Minors are not allowed by law to work more than 3 hours a day and 18 hours a week. That does not leave much time after school to work, this way businesses can get as much work from an employee as they can. This would cause a problem with students who have weekend activities.

Managing school and work can lead to giving up things. Schmale said he had to sacrifice “hanging out with friends,” for work. Making sacrifices may be difficult, but remains part of being responsible and having a job. Most students with a job do not get the opportunity to choose their own schedule. Richards explained that “You have to learn the balance. You gotta know that school comes first. If I were to struggle my parents would be like hey you need to take a break from work, and it’s kind of a little crazy on some nights.”. They have to work the times their boss gives them. She implied that chances to choose or modify your own schedule should be always taken, this way making time for other tasks can be easier.

Depending on where you work, your job will require a range of skills such as being able to stand for a whole period length of a game, communicating with people, and just simply restocking napkins. Richard’s explained that . “You have to have a lot of people skills because you’re greeting people when they’re come in. You gotta know to work with people. You gotta work with people if they have confusion. You got to be able to speak up. Over time the skills learned will help in future jobs and possibly even life situations.

Most jobs require their employees to wear a uniform. Schmale said “I just have to wear a black striped yellow shirt” for every game he referees. Richards gave insight on her work uniform as well “I just wear any solid colored t-shirt, (jeans), and black shoes”. The majority of jobs don’t have bizzare and uncomfortable uniforms employees need to wear. Any occupation that handles food usually requires the need of black non-slip shoes. Many students said that they don’t mind having to wear a uniform just as long as they get paid.

Proven by the students interviewed in this article; balancing school, sports, and work can be easy. If things become stressful and difficult you should take some time away from work because school should always be the top priority as mentioned by Richards. Many perks can be given to you such as discounts and the ability to choose your own schedule. It is highly encouraged that you should get a job because they are a good way to obtain friends and it helps you acquire skills for your future life.

–Kiara Carter, Staff Writer and Taylor Mossman, Staff Writer