What’s Up with Halloween?

Kiara Carter, Staff Writer

Finally that time of year has come: the pumpkin patches are back, the stores have tons of decorations, and the weather is starting to get chilly outside. It’s Halloween!! Many people can’t wait for the spookiest time of the year to bloom again. America absolutely loves the costumes, candy apples, and fun festivities.

Candy is definitely one the biggest parts of halloween. The whole goal of trick or treating is to obtain as much candy you desire. 31% of the American population goes trick or treating. Many might assume that the statistic would be much higher due to the packed streets and neighborhoods on halloween. Handing out candy is also a traditional activity. Statistics show that 70% of the population hands out candy yearly. The three most popular candy bought around October 31st are Skittles, M&Ms , and Snickers.

As the years go by, the number of families decorating for halloween dwindles. Statistics show that only half of the economy decorates for Halloween each year. Carving pumpkins remains as one of the most popular halloween festivity. 48% of people carve them as a decorative touch for the widely celebrated spooky night. This tradition began in the 19th century as a way for people to keep evil spirits away from their homes. Over 100 years later, it has transformed into a fun way to show off artistic skills.

Another major tradition that people do on this night full of scare is dress up. An estimated 68 million Americans will dress up each year. The most popular adult costume is a witch. The most popular children’s costumes are action or superheroes. Costumes are one of the major money consumers around this time- 9.1 billion dollars are spent on Halloween each year and about $86 dollars are expected to be spent on decorations and candy per family in the U.S.

Halloween, if celebrated, is a time for families and friends to come together for one night and have fun. It’s a time for traditions to be revisited and memories to be made. It has been celebrated for years and continues to be one of the most popular holidays celebrated in America.


— Kiara Carter, Staff Writer