Pro Snow / No Snow

Pro Snow / No Snow

Mason McKenna and Ruby Moley

No Snow

Snow stinks! Snow marks the beginning of the long, cold, winter months ahead. The unbearable weather puts a long end to enjoyable summer activities. Darkness slowly devours the life of each day until light only lasts until five. Vibrant landscapes change to a sheet of bland, white paper, soon to be crumpled into a ugly grey mess. Snow can trap everyone at home (or worse: the airport) in the blink of an eye. Confined to the limits of home, there is little to do other than watch the news relay tragic accidents and urge the public to stay inside. While being stuck inside is unpleasant and tedious, going out in the morning to shovel the driveway and clean off the car is plain dreadful. Have fun spending 50 minutes doing that (good luck not slipping on the ice). Afterwards, feel free to add even more time for the slushy, slippery, dangerous drive to school. Don’t fret though, just remember to set the alarm extra early.


Pro Snow

Snow–a white magical dust gifted by Mother Nature as calendars are torn to reveal festive pages and the sound of jingling bells ring. The treat of snow does nothing but refresh and bring joy after the scorching heat of the summer months. Not only does the whiteout cool, but brings about new pastimes like sledding, snowman building, snowball fights, and the strengthening of bonds with friends and family as the warmth pulls us close. Seeing the cold as enjoyable, rather than a burden, makes for a perfect season full of ecstasy and holiday bliss. Without snow, we’d be at a loss of Christmas songs like “Let it Snow” and “Frosty Snowman”. Instead, the “Winter Wonderland” we know and love would be a typical, chilly day. Even the ground below receives benefits, with snow working as a suitable insulator and garnishing the rooted bushes and trees to resemble magnific masterpieces. Indisputably, the clean white mask of flurries accent nature’s greens and browns gorgeously.


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