Stan Lee: The Man Behind Marvel

Varun Udayar, Staff Writer

The icon who flooded the pages of comics, the screens of movies and the hearts of the nation with the heroes we’ve all come to love has passed away. The creator of Marvel, Stan Lee, died on December 12. Stanley Martin Lieber has created many of what makes up today’s main Marvel roster: the likes of Spider-man, the Incredible Hulk, and the X-men were all at least partly constructed by Stan Lee. He was the face of Marvel; a founding father of what Marvel has been for the last decade. Stan Lee will be missed. Olathe East students Raymundo Nevaraz and Devin Wilmore both comment on how Stan Lee’s life and death has affected them and those closest to them.

Senior Raymundo Nevaraz plays tennis and is a member of the Olathe East debate team. While growing up in Texas, Ray loved Spider-man and enjoyed playing with his Spider-man action figure. Many of Ray’s closest friends from Texas idolized Stan Lee and were distraught with his passing.

“[Stan Lee’s passing affected me because it affected my friends, and I saw them going through this emotional period because of his passing and since I support my friends it meant a lot that he passed,” Nevaraz said.

Ray has seen all the Marvel movies barring a few.

“Spiderman was my favorite superhero and as a kid I really loved Spiderman.  Without [Stan Lee] creating that character I wouldn’t have had that [inspiration] as a child, in giving me the creativity in making up stories with a little Spiderman action figure I had,” Ray states as he speaks on how Stan Lee impacted his life.

Raymundo believes that the use of CGI is not acceptable until it is sufficiently advanced, but spoke about an alternative way to honor Stan Lee. Ray suggested: “if not putting his person in the movie, just references towards things he’s done or putting his name somewhere in the background”.

Stan Lee helped shape the childhoods of many growing up across the world. Sophomore Devin Wilmore is one of those people influenced by the works of Mr. Lee.

Devin is glad that there are already future cameos made, and believes that CGI should be used honor the memory of Stan Lee.  

“He’s made a lot of things that have to do with my childhood- ever since I was a young kid, I’ve been watching Marvel movies, ‘cause my dad was really into Marvel and because of that I was really into Marvel too,” Devin said

Devin said that the passing of Stan Lee affected him deeply, and went on to say that he felt sorrow just as one does after the passing of a loved one.

Stanley Martin Lieber was loved all over the world, his passing was tangible and his work will be remembered for generations. No one should feel bad about his passing- instead, his memory should be celebrated. Stan Lee was more than the man who cameoed in Marvel movies; he was an inspiration, a pioneer, an icon, a marvel. To quote the man himself: “‘Nuff said!

–Varun Udayar, Guest Writer