2018, Year in Sports

Olathe East Does it Again

Libbie Carter, Sophomore Staff Writer

The year 2018  was a year to remember when it came to sports for Olathe East Hawks. Olathe East is a 6A high school who competes in the Sunflower League alongside with the other four Olathe  High Schools, all five Shawnee Mission High Schools, and Lawrence, Leavenworth, Free State, Gardner Edgerton High School. Throughout the course of the 2018 year,19 different sports team practiced, suited up,and fought hard for the beloved title of State Champs, while not all teams received the happy ending, two of Olathe East’s own teams won the ever-treasured title. In the fall of 2018, the men’s soccer team beat Manhattan High winning the 6A State Championship for the first time in years. Not only did soccer make Hawk Nation proud but in addition the women’s gymnastics team took 1st place at state with Junior Liz Wasinger earning the award first place in beam.   

While winning a state championship is the biggest accomplishment any high school athlete can imagine, all of the dedicated teams knows there is so much more to sports than what meets the eye. Hundreds of memories are made each season, gratuity grows between coaches and teammates, seniors set examples, chants are chanted, and the bond between teammates become unforgettable memories.

Every athlete has one particular moment of the 2018 season that stood out to them. Junior softball player Katie Enneking and junior football player Andrew Sonner shared their favorite memories from the 2018 season.

“Probably the televised game. All the girls get extra pumped up and we just enjoy each other and the game we love playing.”-Enneking

“Beating Blue Valley in the playoffs and celebrating in the locker room.”- Sonner


High School sports only last at most for four years, in this short time it is important to reflect, and be thankful for the experiences that are at hand. Dedicated coaches come out to practice everyday just because they love the game, and the people you meet along the way can become lifelong friends.  Sophomore soccer player Hannah Plank and senior tennis player Michaela Magee expressed their gratefulness for their experiences playing for Olathe East.

“The past four years playing tennis at East has been amazing: the girls are so kind and fun to be around and coach Lenz is one of the best coaches out there; he is so supportive at every match and practice and his passion for tennis is so fun and inspiring to be around.” -Magee

“The season was extremely fun, and definitely a time I won’t forget. It was an amazing experience.”  -Plank


In any great team the leadership of the more experienced player can make or break a season. Junior Courtney Kearney shared with the Hawk’s Eye what it was like to play alongside 2018 graduate Sydney Wilson while head baseball Coach Blake Iles expressed with how his 2018 seniors led the baseball team to the best of their abilities.

“Syd was a really great teammate and friend. Along with being a great player she made everyone on the team better. She always had a smile on her face and was just a great person to be around. I know she’s going to go on to do amazing things and continue to impact those around her for the better.” -Kearney

This group were not only great baseball players, but they were some of the closest group of friends off the field I’ve ever seen on a baseball team.  Their season might not have ended how they envisioned, but the memories they created and the legacy they have left at OE will remain for years to come.  They are a true reflection of how a strong team culture can carry you through tough times. I want to thank them for their hard work and let them know they are always welcome down at Hawk Diamond!” -Iles

Bonds between teammates

Over the course of a season close to twenty hours a week can be spent between teammates, and within that time some pretty special memories are built among the player- some good, some, bad, and some a little strange. Sophomore Wrestler Ty Herl shared one of his strange memories that make wrestling, well wrestling, while senior Kaitlyn Blasi said what is was like to compete with her fellow volleyball teammates for one last season.

“Wrestlers stripping down to their underwear at 7am for weighins.”-Herl

“This year was an incredible season. The moments on the court and during practices are the times I will never forget!”- Blasi