Summer Fail


Esther Rose, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This summer, I was supposed to have obtained a boyfriend, but due to the erroneous process that my sister took in acquiring one for me, I failed in this endeavor.

Basically, my sister was dying to have more drama in her life, promised to get me a boyfriend because of this, and failed. Because normally people don’t get asked out by the little sister of their possible date.

This all started last prom, when I almost gave my sister a heart attack by asking a boy to prom (instead of him asking me). Mortified, she blamed this on my state of singleness, decided I was too picky to choose a boyfriend for myself, and took matters into her own hands. In the time between prom and the end of the school year, she managed to circle every boy in the yearbook, church directory, and every boy I followed on Instagram that she deemed worthy of being my boyfriend.

This summer was, according to her plan, the summer that I found her definition of my true love. I even promised that if someone asked me on a date, I’d say yes- which was terrifying. She was convinced that I was going to have a high school sweetheart.

Then I spent the whole summer traveling with my closest friends, and didn’t date a single one of them. It was the best summer of my life. I went to Paris, the city of love, and still came back single. I actually ended up being best friends with two of the guys on the trip because I’d told them that I wasn’t trying to plan a makeout session under the Eiffel Tower like our other friends were. I was a camp counselor, and while the other counselors stayed inside their bubbles and commented on the attractive drummer, I got to know my campers better than I know most of my family.

In failing to date anyone this summer, I ended up with more friends that I know what to do with, and bonds stronger than romance.

But yes, my sister is still trying to find me a boyfriend.