Astrology: April Showers bring New Predictions


Ruby Moley, Staff Writer

The Basics

When day turns to night and the veil of darkness overcomes the land, the world is blessed with a deep, black carpet of golden globes and glimmers. From the small planet of Earth, the sky gifts the curious eyes with an array of distant exploding creations, galaxies away. Their dimensions lie in the boundless realms of space. Fascinatingly, we marvel at the same sky as those in the 18th century. Since we could see the cosmos, the stars and planets have left their impact on our lives through the study of Astrology.

Astrology, simply stated, is the influence of distant cosmic objects on life. The logic behind it is that the position of the sun, stars, and moon on one’s birth date shapes personality, affects romantic relationships, predicts economic fortunes and other divinations.

Don’t know your sign? Use this information to find which time frame holds your birth date.

The Constellations

Twelve dazzling constellations in the night sky represent the zodiac signs. The dates of each sign are determined by the projection of the position of the planets, sun and moon on the ecliptic (The ecliptic is the great, circular path in which the sun takes in a year). Following is a diagram of the constellations on the ecliptic for further understanding. 


April’s Predictions


Misunderstandings, delays, and technical difficulties will abound, therefore take it slow and at your own pace. Reflect on goals and conversations. You can aide yourself best by visualizing yourself achieving your goals during this time. The fresh new moon can help you move into a new phase of your life. Claim your independence and consider the long haul. Maybe round up some loose ends or toxic relationships. Clean that slate!


Happy Birthday to you! Taurus season is beginning, therefore the spotlight is on you. The stars have aligned to predict that this is a lovely time to shop for gifts, and a good time to ask for a raise. Your physical and mental state will be excelling healthy and positive this month, but watch for arguments. Find eager people to connect with, and create a lovely vibe in your social life. Wipe a clean slate around your physical and emotional baggage; now is the time to let all of your worries and stress out and catch up on rest.


You feel empowered and strong this month, with your charm high. Make sure your investing energy in the right places.Reconnect with your inner voice and practice meditation–you’ll be doing an immense deal of self-exploration. Make sure to get the rest you need while you are accomplishing so much. April will bring about brilliant ideas that you might have missed previously.


April is making your career the star this month, with you being on the rise and rethinking your ideas. Get excited; life is going to start moving forward with your career and reputation. Moments to socialize will be brought up this month, and this activity will push you to stand in the spotlight. Surround yourself with the right people who will support you and aide to your success. If you choose the wrong people, be ready for any confrontations.


This month ushers a new cycle of growing, learning, traveling, and expanding. Create a great work and life balance as things heat up for you professionally.  You will connect to people intellectually, and manifest some brilliant ideas and maybe even take some big risks. Be ready for the shift. Focus on the important plans and strategies you are trying to lay out to best prepare.


This month, you are reflecting back on your intimate relationships. You will make a harmonious connection to talk about the future’s values and desires. This relationship could become something quite serious for you. Keep in mind, your happiness is what matters; find a quiet space to stabilize those unruly thoughts. April is a good month for processing complicated emotions and saying goodbye to people. You will lean towards practicality and logic for your decision making, and this is okay.


Partnership and collaboration will be your best friend this month. You’ll be reconnecting with those from your past in the fields of romance and business. You will face big communication obstacles, but along with this, you will have some important realizations. This could be the newfound ability to see yourself as capable of much more than you originally thought. After this, your energy stabilizes and you will invest that energy, preferably, in deep, emotionally rooted relationships. An imaginative atmosphere is also abound, and bold actions will be made. Conquer those fears!


April calls for you to put yourself back on track and take on new projects. Make that big step forward. There will be lots of freeing days where you get things done, and really manage/take control of your life. The energy is just flowing to you, Scorpio, this month. Connect deeply with your close ones and make deep, inner transformations. Make sure you are ready for what could be coming your way. This could be some important information. Along with this, your relationships will improve.


April brings about an enthusiastic, creative mood! Like a curveball, this month will result in big surprises in your love and creative life–be fearless. You will be feeling fun and flirty, so make sure you keep those vibes going. Communication is definitely encouraged, as you are in the mood to play. Along with this, you will soon see good results from the habits you’ve committed to. Take some time alone to soak all the information received this month in.


You are feeling quite nostalgic and sensitive this month, Capricorn. You are rethinking your emotional boundaries, therefore generating some difficult communication days. You will have an energetic vibe to clean the slate as your nostalgia turns to excitement. You may also tend to be in a confrontational mood, so avoid stressful situations. Also, spending time with your family or redecorating can benefit you this month. Take on a new ritual or find someone new.


You are on fire this month, Aquarius! There will be many opportunities for new relationships and conversations, but it’s up to you whether you decide to take them on. April will bring about a shift in your energy that can clean and clear your mind of any miscommunications. Take the time to ground yourself before moving forward, and you will see exciting results. However, your career and social life could be competing for your time this month.


This month proves to be an iffy time for making commitments, but new job offers or other financial opportunities seem to be coming your way. Review your work and your budgets before you make a decision. Cash definitely plays its part in this month, with you needs to spend it combating with your desire to save. Along with this, kind and gentle energy will flow in. Use your talents to gain the freedom you’ve wanted. Your imagination is high, use this wisely.

Disclaimer: The foundation for these forecasts were based off the predictions of many real astrologists and elaborated on by the author, therefore making them as accurate as possible. (Sources: and

If you want even more concise predictions than these (for those who believe this is too general), you can dwell into the concept of houses, which the signs pass through. Houses are like a clock: the the zodiacs start in one house, and move through the others as time passes. They are each ruled by a cosmic figure and stand for different parts of the self. For example, Gemini rules the third house, which represents learning and communication, and is ruled by mercury. To find more information on houses, you can look in daily horoscopes or search on websites that devote themselves to Astrology. Furthermore, astrology birth charts (or natal charts), which take into consideration the exact date and time of birth, can give more specific readings.