The Most Dramatic Season Yet

From pageant queens to drama kings


Libbie Carter, Sophomore Staff Writer

…Monday morning, a black, stretch limousine, was parked in the athletic parking, taking up a total of seven parking spaces, as the agitated teenagers drove around the mammoth car a familiar looking, middle aged man started to walk towards the school. Followed by a small army of camera men, the man headed towards the bridge appearing to be on a mission. As he climbed the stairs to the crowded walkway teachers began to quiet the students around. The room became silent and the man began to speak. “I am Chris Harrison, and today I am here to announce that ABC has chosen The Olathe East to take part in the newest installment of the Bachelor Empire, Bachelor Gets Schooled. After the announcement teachers began to hand out papers with premises of the show listed:

-You would receive a date card to go to class, no card no going to class
-Two students would be invited to eat lunch with the principal but only the most dedicated student would receive a rose
-If you were not chosen to go to class, you can hang around gossiping
-Students would try to distract the teacher from helping other students
-There would be private concerts in the lunch room every week during hawk hour
-Before something would go wrong in a chem lab, Chris Harrison would walk in
-Everyone would wear high fashion designer outfits to school
-No one would have access to phones
-No one would drive, everyone would be dropped off by a Mercedes van or a limo
-The cafeteria would serve great food and it would be free, but no one would eat it
-The last person to get a rose would be valedictorian
-At the end of graduation, the top 10 in the class would receive neil lane rings
-The most entertaining students would be sent to “College in Paradise”

This season of the Bachelor was an eccentric season to say the least, with the building block of the season being the fact that 26-year-old bachelor, Colton Underwood, was a virgin. Underwood expressed that his virginity was important to him, stating he wanted to lose it to someone he loved, and was something he took pride in. Another vital aspect to season 23 was the abundance of contestants in their very early twenties. In past seasons, many of the contestants were in their late twenties to early thirties. Having young contestants proved to make for dramatic television season. Many were accused of not being ready for marriage, and the formation of the “Cougar club” gave the show an interesting twist. The Bachelor would not be The Bachelor without feuds between the competing ladies, and this season was nothing short of that with the biggest, longest running feud between beauty queens Miss Alabama, Hannah B and Miss North Carolina, Caelynn. Both girls accused one another of being fake, manipulative, and two-faced. The backstabbing and whining, however, did not work for any of these ladies, as contestant Cassie took the final rose.

Bachelor recaps are some of the most exciting parts of the season. Every talk show, social media platform, and Youtube channel has to join the bandwagon of Colt Bachelor fans. Almost all viewers know of the infamous spoiler, Reality Steve. Reality Steve was on his A game this year predicting everything from members of a group date, Heather’s first kiss, Cassie taking the final rose, and even Hannah B becoming the next Bachelorette. Rumors have flown wild that anyone- from a craftservice crew member to long time host Chris Harrison- could be the mystical Reality Steve. For those fans who do not have hours upon hours to watch the show every week, many social media influencers have created entertaining play-by-plays. The producers of The Ellen Show released a Bachelor Recap the day following a new episode to recap, discuss, and predict. These recaps can be found on TheEllenShow Youtube channel. Another outstanding place for recaps is Instagram influencer and comedian @kellyjohns. Every week Johns transforms herself to the contestants to “reenact” the memorable parts of the past episode. The impressions are dead on, and the costumes add an extra level of flare to the act.
As one season of the Bachelor wraps up, the next season of the Bachelorette begins to film in the lavish California Mansion. On the night of the special, After the Final Rose, Hannah Brown was announced as the next Bachelorette. Brown was a controversial pick for a handful of reasons, one being she is very young. At the age of 24, many worry she is not ready for marriage. Throughout her time on season 23, Brown was loved by many, but despised at the same time, believing her to be “immature” and “giddy”. Hannah also made a name for herself through her feud with Caelynn, where her alter ego “Hannah Beast” was released. Brown also had a hard time throughout the season as she spoke her mind, leaving all viewers of season 23 remembering her unforgettable one-on-one date toast, ending with the iconic “roll tide”. Throughout the season, as Brown became more confident with herself, comfortable with the cameras, and built friendships with fellow contestants, many can agree the next bachelorette grew immensely as a person. As Chris Harrison toasted, “to finding fierce love, roll tide”, the next season of the Bachelorette will be one to watch unfold. Best of luck to Miss Alabama Hannah!