Storming Area 51


Taylor Mossman

A drawing of a supposed Alien UFO hidden in Area 51.

Mason McKenna, Staff Writer

By now, many people have heard of the Facebook event: “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us.” The event has sparked controversy across the country. The plan involves storming the government training range in order to find the aliens hidden by the government. The event started as a joke, but soon two million people were registered. To the government, it was hardly funny. Everyone, from the Air Force to the FBI, spoke out against the idea, claiming the country was ready to defend Area 51.

With a population of just 50 people, the remote town of Rachel, Nevada is less than ready to accept the multitude of visitors expected. The town’s only hotel, the Little A’Le’Inn (See what they did there?) has been completely booked. The town also boasts zero total gas stations and grocery stores and even posted a warning on their website telling people to bring plenty of their own food, water, and gas. 

The original event has since been taken down by Facebook. However, a new and slightly different event was quickly created. Entitled “Alienstock”, the new event was a true festival also to be held on September 20th. Even though the new post was intended to distract from the original raid, Facebook deleted it as well.

The Hawk’s Eye Staff believes that although the event was a joke, once lives become threatened the joke can no longer be considered funny. We do not think that Facebook or the event creator should be blamed. However, we wish Facebook would have handled the situation slightly differently. Deleting the post gave the event even more publicity. In today’s world, social media companies have a big influence. Social media allowed the event to become prevalent in the first place. The two million people signed up were only a fraction of the people that had heard about it. The Hawk’s Eye staff argues that without social media, the event would not have been a problem.

In terms of whether or not the government has something to hide, we believe that even if there was something in Area 51, the government has ample time to protect their secrets.

While there are most likely no extra-terrestrials, there could be things like weapons and new technology. After all, Area 51 is a known government range. It would be naive to think that nothing classified exists there. All in all, The Hawk’s Eye hopes for no injuries in the raid or at the festival.


Taylor Mossman