On That Night A Life Took A Flight

From the collection of October creative writing…

Harley Hull

I always loved Halloween. The spooky decorations on houses all around my block. Since I was a little kid, I always remember wanting to a vampire or a devil as they were the only creatures that excite me.  

“Justine?! Are you ready for Trick-or-Treating? Because I am!” Niko, my best friend, yelled. I laugh, shaking my head slightly. I finish getting dressed in my devil costume. I grab my horns and put the headband on as I walk down stairs. I grab my pillow case from off the couch for my candy. I walked outside with Niko by my side as we started heading down the street. “So, what are you supposed to be, exactly?” I glanced at his outfit for the first time tonight. He wore a sheet around his body, had a gray wig on and a cane. He scoffs, “An old granny.What does it look like?” I laugh and shake my head for the second time today. I looked around at all the kids walking around going from house to house. There were superheroes, villians, princesses and a lot more. We rounded a corner and I screamed. A clown gang was standing there, Pennywise being the leader. I looked at every outfit and noticed a tattoo that I knew. I sigh,”Josh, you scared me.” He laughs and they all pull their mask off,one by one. 

We ended up teaming up. We scared a good amount of people. It was actually quite funny. After a few hours, we decided to go home. I was walking alone, much to Tonquisha’s dismay. I was smiling as I recollected the events of tonight with everyone. I wasn’t listening to my surroundings and didn’t think anything of it when I felt someone watching me. I mean, it’s halloween. I started walking faster than ever. I was only a few blocks away from my house. I hoped my parents were back from there party at the company. I feel a hand grab my arm and yanked me back against a chest. I tried to scream but I felt a knife against my throat restricting any noise from coming out. I see a group of bodies come out of the shadows. I see glimpses of mask. Clown Mask. “Josh, if this is a joke. Stop, it’s not funny.” But they just stare at me. They slowly pull their mask off and I soon realize it’s not Josh or anyone from earlier tonight. It was a group of strangers, wearing a sickly smirk. One nods and soon everything goes black as I feel a slight pain in my neck before it fades away.