The Hooded Knight

From the collection of October creative writing…

The Hooded Knight

Jami Breon

As a new day dawned, the little town of Stevens started to bustle with excitement. It was October 1st, 2001. It was now the time to set up for the day that would follow 30 days later. While excitement was veering around every corner, Higgins sat silently at his computer. For 4 days now, he had been sitting, fiercely looking for any news and tracking of the Hooded Knight.. Rumors had it, The Hooded Knight would be attacking Stevens next. And Higgins was determined to take him down.

After the Hooded Knight made his last kill in the town of Faygore, he made his way to Stevens. He knew what would be waiting for him, but knew that this young boy would be an easy kill. His name was Higgins and it seemed that he had been doing some investigating of his own. The Hooded Knight moves very quickly on his trojan horse from town to town. He knew he could never get caught and if he were spotted by someone, his fate would be death. As the Knight stode into the town of Stevens, he took off his mask and went towards the inn, hoping to find and make friends, so nobody would suspect a thing when Higgins was found dead.

As the Knight entered the inn, Higgins sat in his windowsill amazed at what he had just seen gone by. Could it be the man he had been so desperately looking for? Quickly gathering some supplies, Higgins set out to the inn on his old rusted bike with a backpack full of silly string, pepper spray, tape, and handcuffs. As soon as Higgins pulled into the drive of the inn, he took off running but stopped short of the door when he heard two men arguing. He knew one man’s voice very well. It was Mr. Simpson the inn’s owner. Mr. Simpson had been running this inn neatly for over 20 years now. He was a very nice man who often helped Higgins with his math homework.

As Higgins crept over to the window he heard a loud boom and then a thud. A gunshot and a man falling to the floor. This was the moment that Higgins went running into the inn screaming, with pepper spray in hand. The other man immediately looked up at who this young high pitched scream could be coming from. And that’s the moment that Higgins and the Hooded Knight locked eyes. With the hustle of Higgin’s quick feet, the Hooded Knight was quickly wrapped in tape and silly string. The Knight’s eyes were bloodshot from all the pepper spray and he sat there in defeat. The cops arrived just moments later to assist with the Hooded Knight and Mr. Simpson.

The Hooded Knight had just the ending that he presumed he would have. Death had come again in the soleum town of Stevens. Unfortunately it was a young boy who had to witness it all. Higgins became a hero that night. While he couldn’t save Mr. Simpson, he saved many others from the terror of the Hooded Knight.