Mirror Man

From the collection of October creative writing…

Brandon Tyrell

Late at night I usually go to the bathroom multiple times but for the past 4 days, every time I go to leave, I can see myself still standing in the mirror from the corner of my eye. It is like the other me is watching me leave the bathroom. “It” terrifies me to the point where I almost run out without looking directly at the mirror. I never told my husband about “it” because I didn’t want to acknowledge it out loud.

Earlier today I took a nap in our bed while he sat in the chair next to “it” watching TV. When I woke up, he told me that he had seen me sit up and crawl backwards to the edge of the bed and stand up in front of our bedroom door from the corner of his eye. He thought it was weird that I got up like that because I’m in the last month of my pregnancy and I can’t really move so good without it hurting, so he tried talking to me.

When I didn’t answer he looked at the door to find me not there and still sleeping in bed. I got really creeped out and I finally told him about what I have been seeing in the bathroom. He thought it was creepy as well but didn’t want to really talk about it anymore because he thinks it will give whatever it is power or energy. I have no idea what it wants or why we both saw it.