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Mason McKenna

Kelne and the “Pooder 2.0”

Mason McKenna, Staff-Writer

Sweet Rides in the OE Parking Lot


2008 Mini Cooper S R-56

Owner: Matthew Kelne

Grade: Senior

Nickname: The nickname “Pooder 2.0” is printed on the back of the car.

Favorite Part: The car is a stick shift.


2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Owner: Conner Spiezio

Grade: Sophomore

Fun Fact: Spiezio bought the car from his mom’s cousin’s husband.

Instagram: The car often features on connphoto.

Mason McKenna
Spiezio has had the car for four months


1995 Ford F-100

Owner: Ellis Carolina

Grade: Senior

Fun Fact: The truck feature “suicide doors” that hinge from the rear.

Nickname: “Big Red”

Karsyn Sommerfeld
Carolina has owned this classy truck for three years