What’s New

September Edition

Ruby Moley, Staff Writer

By Ruby Moley//Staff Writer

Newly Opened Entrance

The new west side entrance finally opened for students, teachers, staff, and any other visitors of the school to use. The road, paving the way for a new development of homes, will remain open even once the lots become filled. Due to an agreement with the developer, the current hours of the entrance/exit are 6:30 to 8:00 in the morning, and 2:45 to 3:30/45 after school. Any other time of day, the path will be locked and closed off. 


Parking Lot Traffic Revisions

The far right lane coming into the school from 127th  only turns right this year. In the left lane, people can either turn left to stop and wait for students, or go into the circle. Cones were added, and lines are being painted all throughout the school parking lot. Parents can now pick up their kids anywhere in the parking lot, opposed to just the north side of the school and along the street. The SRO, Student Resource Officer, mainly recommends parents should park to pick up students, whether it be on the band side or south side. Traffic has declined quickly due to the new total of three entrances/exits. Buses are all located on the back or on the side as they now leave through the new entrance. One of the buses, however, will still exit through the front. Buses leave around 3:08 once all students are aboard. 


Addition of Quiet Zones

During Hawk Hour, certain areas are now designated to quietness and studying. Keep conscious of the signs in hallways designating “Quiet Zones”. These areas are meant for solitary or partner studying, therefore avoid gathering in large groups or loudly socializing. On top of this, these restrictions ease getting help from teachers, with less background chaos to interrupt. Students can still eat in these halls as long as they aren’t disruptive and groups are minimal.


New Attendance Window

To reduce the office traffic, a window has been cut to keep trailing, noise-producing lines of students in the lower commons. From providing passes to leave the building to tardy slips, the window does it all. No one will need to go into the office pertaining to attendance matters. When entering the building and signing in, students will be required to go into the front, north entrance, but the south entrance will be open later on. Although, students can exit the building from any door they choose.