Into the Bluetooth


Gage Orr

The sign of wifi connection, representing the waves of bluetooth.

Gage Orr, Online Editor

There’s connections and lines that are invisible to the human eye. Lines you use, sometimes without even knowing. These untouchable, unseeable waves of energy are something that some struggle to understand, but don’t be afraid. You’re welcome into the Bluetooth zone.

 Bluetooth items come in various different forms. Most prominent these days are earbuds and speakers, controllers and keyboards, and transferring files. These features have become a part of our daily lives, so here are some of these Bluetooth tech.




  common bluetooth tech is wireless earbuds. These allow you to walk however far away from your phone and not have to deal with those pesky wires getting caught on everything. Some of these earbuds stand out from the rest. These include Apples Airpods pro, Bose’s SoundSport, and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. 

 Starting with the Airpods Pro, Apple kicked off the wireless earbud craze with their original Airpods, but now they’ve gone further to add a wider variety of features. At $250 this version of Airpods has a rubber tip for extra comfort, noise cancellation, and custom sound by Apple. four and a half hours of listening to music, and three and a half hours  of talking but with the case it has 24 hours of listening time and 18 hours of talking time. These only come in white. 

 Next on the list, SoundSport, for $200 you can get Bose’s only wireless earbuds. Bose has been in the headphone business for a long time; it’s shocking that they are just now joining the fray of earpods. Sporting (pun intended) four different colors: are blue, black, purple, and orange. Its made to be used in workouts and is sweatproof for that reason. The earbuds themselves have five hours each, with 10 extra hours in the case. 

 And finally the Galaxy Buds. Samsung wanted to compete with the Airpods, thus the Galaxy Buds were created. Costing $120, these small earbuds have four colors. Black, white, yellow, and a new Aura glow silver that has a certain oil-like shine to it. These earbuds come packed with tech from AKG and have a battery time of six hours on both earbuds. 

 These are the top bluetooth earbuds but they aren’t the only way of playing music through bluetooth…




 Speakers make every party or shower a blast. They allow for booming music to be played and set moods. Like everything on this list, wires not required. Batteries are included and are usually chargeable. The big name brands are Bose again, Beats by Dre, and JBL. 

 Bose’s SoundLink Mini II, one of Bose’s best Bluetooth speakers has a 12 hour battery life and Bose’s signature made sound. The best part is the price, which is a cheap $180, but is only available in silver and black.

 nto Beats by Dre. The Beats Pill+ is the same story as Bose’s SoundLink Mini II. Same price, battery time and similar black and white colors. But the ups the Pill+ has is the ability to charge phones. And also has a third color choice, red. 

 BL, a tech giant in the world of Speakers, especially with its Charge 4. The Charge 4 has a play time of 20 hours, with a charging time of five. It also acts as a portable charging bank (similar to the Pill+) and has the ability of being waterproof. however, lacks speakerphone and voice activation features, which are things the other two have.

 Somewhat related to speakers are the several Bluetooth tech products you can use at home.




 Bluetooth, an interesting and plentiful technology. As such, there are many forms of it. A popular form is house control, anything you can do wirelessly and from your phone to control your house. The most common forms of these include doorbells and lights. If you’ve ever had the pain of getting up after laying down and getting comfortable, just to turn your light off, you know how annoying this can be. But with Bluetooth, you can turn your lights off from your phone, getting rid of those pesky situations. Likewise, whenever you have to go out and you know theres a package on its way, you just hope they leave it somewhere it won’t get stolen. But now you can tell them where to leave it with connected doorbells with cameras attached. 

 These two items are the most common forms of home improvement. But there’s another music related one. Home speakers are Bluetooth technology that is like portable speakers but on steroids. These (usually) massive speaker systems can be used for anything from nice family dinners, house parties, or just chilling at the house alone. 

 Some, the place to kick up your feet and relax, one of the only places you can be lazy and not be judged. With this mindset, it’s no surprise that all of these home improvements are available, and it’ll be even less of a surprise there’s even more, and with a centerpoint to control them all. Everything from levels and color of light in the room, curtains and music. They control everything in your house from your phone. You use Bluetooth to connect to your Amazon Alexa through your phone to input routines to activate all of these features at the press of a button. 

 The connection of Bluetooth takes only a second or so, yet after that second, a man can be lazy for a lifetime. He can play gospel or hip-hop, and whos to say what’s the better music: the one everyone likes or the one everyone used to like, the place between your phone, the air, and technology. All in the Bluetooth zone.