Why Pick up a Newspaper?


Felicity Wenger, Editor-in-Chief

At first glance, the school newspaper might look pretty boring. A packet full of words probably doesn’t seem too intriguing to the typical highschooler, but the content is definitely worth your time. 

  1. While we do have an adviser, the newspaper is a student-run publication, meaning every page came from an idea that was brainstormed, not assigned. The stories are about students, for students, and written by students who care. 
  2. The newspaper is catered to the student body. Our staff members spend time on articles they are interested in writing so that you, the reader, will be interested in reading them, even if that means reading only some of the story or even just looking at the graphics.There are five categories in the paper, meaning the newspaper has a variety of stories so that everyone can find at least one article to enjoy. 
  3. If the physical newspaper just isn’t for you, we also publish our stories online. The graphic capabilities are limited, but our website https://oehawkseye.org has all of our stories as well.

The Hawk’s Eye will always be willing to take ideas or suggestions of what the readers would like to see in the paper. We write for you. If you have any suggestions, comments, or criticisms for us, please send them to [email protected]. While you’re at it, follow us on Instagram as well @oehawkseye. We appreciate your contribution and your time, so make sure to recommend our publication to friends, and stay on the lookout for the next one.