When I Was Your Age

What Will We Be Saying in Twenty Years?

Mason McKenna, Editor In Chief

The phrase “when I was your age” is a saying that has been used by parents for generations. These five words seem to be able to set up 5,000 different facts about what life was like “back then”. This is the go to sentence starter to tell kids just how easy they have it. “Kids these days” just don’t understand the hardships their elders had to endure. The current endings to this sentence today are nothing new, but what will people be saying in 20 years time?


When I was your age… (Now)

We had to write our essays on paper.

Our phones were attached to the wall.

I had to walk 10 miles to school every day.

There was no such thing as Amazon.

If we wanted to see a movie we had to go to the movie theatre.

We had to use encyclopedias to look stuff up. You couldn’t just Google whatever.

There were only 3 channels on the TV. And they were in black and white!


When I was your age… (20 years from now)

There was this thing called paper.

President Biden was in office.

Patrick Mahomes was in his prime.

Nobody was living on Mars yet.

We went through a global pandemic.

We had to go check this thing called a mailbox every few days.

We had to drive our cars. They wouldn’t just drive themselves!