New Face In The Halls of OE

Karsyn Sommerfeld, Copy Editor

This school year we welcome a new face to the OE faculty team. Deven Wallace, the new college advisor. Wallace has just finished her schooling at KU, with a degree in Psychology in only 3 ½ years, and is currently working at getting her masters in school counseling at Emporia State University. 

She is most looking forward to “being able to help students get to where they want to go after high school”.

 She is ready and very eager for her first real advising position. Not only that, but she is also very hands on and has a goal of meeting with every single student in the senior class by December. That is more than 500 students in just a few short months. 


She is there for whatever you need, whether it be advice on which scholarships to look for, or which colleges fit your plans for after high school. She is also there to help you achieve any goals you are trying to set for after high school, whether it is getting into a good trade school, or just finding a good place to start military training of any sort.

We all are very excited to have her here, and can’t wait to see what she does in our school. Feel free to sign up for a meeting with her, or just pop into her office located in the Library. She is very good at responding back in a timely manner, and will get to you as soon as she can.

 Welcome to Olathe East!



Schedule a meeting with her-

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