Tik Tok Trend Takes Over


A photo of a toilet stuffed with burning materials, reportedly done as a lick at Shawnee Mission North, is being shared on Snapchat by students in the KC Metro area.

Funniest Tik Toks

Taylor Mossman, Assistant Editor

A trend on Tik Tok has been destroying school property to a whole new level. The devious licks trend consists of students vandalizing school property outside and even during school hours.

 Actions of this trend require students to break and destroy school property such as: breaking bathroom stalls, stealing urinals out of the men’s restrooms, and lighting toilets on fire. While attempting these actions the student records the action and post it on Tik Tok in hopes of gaining fame and following the trend. 

Schools in the Olathe and surrounding districts have been hit hard with this trend as students continue to demolish school properties. 

Turner USD 202 has released a public statement, claiming students will be charged criminally with vandalism if they are caught defacing school property in any scenario. 

All five Olathe high schools emailed a statement to parents and students on Tuesday, September 14.  The statement warned that students participating in such activities will face consequences.

We encourage you to have a conversation with your student about not committing any criminal acts of vandalism to their school. Students who do this will be held responsible according to the student code of conduct as well as turned over to the SRO on the criminal side. “

If someone sees a student taking part in the trend the are encouraged to report it to the  School Administrators, such as the principal, vice principal, and superintendents.