The Perfect Proposal


Junior Ben Carter holds up his homecoming proposal to junior Maddie McCord. photo courtesy of maddie mccord

Simone Collins, Assistant Editor

Homecoming is in less than a month. Who is your date, or dates? Your crush? Friends? Ridin’ solo? Doesn’t matter: Homecoming is open to anyone and everyone. Asking someone to a dance can be terrifying for some, especially if you never asked anyone before. Don’t worry; these are a few ideas to spark up your creative side and make a memorable occasion your partner will never forget.


  1. The Cliche: A poster has been a significant symbol of high school for years and years. It’s a ritual that never fails and has no limits or restrictions. Whether it’s gigantic and noticeable, or small and intimate, with the ability to write puns, jokes, favorable sayings, beautiful artistry, and bedazzled jewels all day long, one can’t help but tear up. 


  1. For Those With An Empty Stomach: Food is the universal language of love. Who said food couldn’t be an art? From donuts, chocolate-covered strawberries, candy mountains, heart-shaped pizzas, and gallons of their favorite sodas, it’s a win-win. 


  1. The Wing Man: They’re not your best friend if they can’t help you win over your crush. Creating a cheesy proposal is ten times more enjoyable when your friends are a part of the entertainment. A dance mob, a two-minute play, or full-on charm and jester can win you a date to homecoming and a long-time friend in the process. 


  1. Take the Field: Athletic couples are hard to beat. If your significant other plays a sport, why not spin their love for the game in your favor. They play soccer? Write your proposal on the ball and hope to score the winning goal. Baseball? Cheer? Track? “Pitch” a ball their way. Come up with a catchy cheer that entwines your question. Take a baton and decorate it the way you desire.  


  1. The Classic: A girl loves flowers, but men deserve them, too. The scarlet of roses, the bright-shaded daisies, the smell of fresh air, is enough for them to not even doubt a “yes.” 


  1. Go Big or Go Home: I’m talking billboards, airplanes, viral TikToks, and a performance by Travis Scott. For those who love the big public display, give them exactly what they want. Ask them over the announcements. Hire the marching band to play at lunch. Pop your question at the homecoming football game. The possibilities are endless. 


  1. The Simple: Just simply asking your partner if they’d do you the honor of escorting you is just as impressive as any other idea. It is intimate and not overwhelming, showing a sensitive side some may find engaging and delightful. All you need is pride, dignity, and a bright smile. Who could say no? 


No matter what your plan is regarding Homecoming, remember to not stress, have fun, and if you are planning on the perfect proposal for the special someone, get creative, for genuine effort means more than anything.