The Choice Is Now Yours

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Simone Collins, Assistant Editor

The Board of Education declares the termination of maks come the following weeks after fall break. The decision was made on November 4, 2021. It only extends to the high school level. The only exception: quarantine among staff and students remains under 4% and the absent rate stays under 7%. If the rates exceed the desired limit, makes will be mandatory for at least two weeks, the retreats back to optional after. With many in attendance, the meeting was assured to be endorsed by the backlash. 


With a survey sent school-wide here at East, teachers, and students were quick to respond with their opinions. 


The majority won by 40%, those demanding everyone wear a mask no matter if you’re vaccinated. Coming close, those who think it should be optional come in at 33%. The other responses, including a ‘Yes but Only for the Vaccinated’ at 19% and one idea from a student who believes it should be a parent permission slip, top off the results. 


Many believe that it’s a bad idea to have the new mandate after Thanksgiving, a long fall break that is known to bring back illnesses. Others complain that many of us aren’t wearing them correctly, or at all, as of right now so what’s the difference?

No matter your opinion on the matter, the board has spoken. So come the weeks after Thanksgiving break, are you wearing a mask?