Travis Scott’s Concert Catastrophe


Frank Schwichtenberg

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Bree El-Busefi, Staff Writer

Travis Scott’s AstroWorld tickets were oversold and caused a tragic event where 10 people died and two dozen others were injured after a crowd surge during his performances on stage. 2 of the victims were high school students and one was a 9-year-old boy.
Unfortunately, people’s lives were cut short due to this concert, and that caused a major spur in the media. People were questioning, Was it the concert organizers’ fault? Was it Travis Scott’s fault?
Well, it’s both, to say the least. The concert organizers for overselling the tickets and Travis for noticing people collapsing and ambulances coming in and continuing the concert. As people were yelling ‘Stop the concert!’ seeing some of the others there dying and he did not stop the concert.
The organizers are also just as much to blame in this situation. The reason people were collapsing and dying was overcrowding. Many would use the phrase, crowd crush. There were too many people there for that space to contain to the point that people were getting asphyxiated. Due to the pressure of people literally on them, they couldn’t breathe, and that caused them to go into cardiac arrest.
This disastrous concert did not do anyone good and the response Travis Scott had to it did not make things any better. He responded to all this with an apology video with a black and white filter on and him trying to address what happened but being very insincere about it. This caused people to get even madder at him and so nothing was really done about the situation itself.
In conclusion, hopefully, most have learned their lesson and a concert this bad shouldn’t occur again. It was a painfully tragic event especially for the families of the victims involved.