East Instagram Takeover


Maddie McCord, Staff Writer

The instagram pages have gotten out of hand. From olatheeastbadparking to oepassouts to oeplanks, olathe_east_eats, oe_handstands , and the horrific oeships and oehas_pda pages. There is no telling what comes next. Some of the pages have revealed who runs the account, including oepassouts which revealed themselves at 500 followers and olatheeastbadparking.

Starting with olatheeastbadparking which started it all. Ashley Ratliff runs this account by having people send in pictures of everyone’s bad parking they see in our very own school parking lot. Be careful, park in between the lines, your car could be the next star of olatheeastbadparking. Some of the worst parking can be found in school parking lots, surprisingly no reports of a parking lot crash this year. There was a period in time when the page was brand new and everyone wanted to appear on the page so everyone was purposely parking bad. Let’s just say that was not a good idea.

Moving onto oepassouts, the place where 99% of all pictures are faked. Running this account is Alexa True, she requests for pictures of people sleeping as well as their instagram tags. Yes some of the pictures are legitimate and can be really funny, while others are seeking attention and looking for a laugh. Just make sure to get a good night’s sleep to avoid dozing off in class unless hoping to end up on the page.

Now onto the dreadful oe.ships.page. This page can be rather cruel and scandalous. Sipping random people, mostly as jokes, some may have dated in the past, some may currently like each other, some may be dating other people, this page doesn’t care. Anyone can end up on this page, there is nothing you can do to avoid it. Just hope people at East don’t have any reason to send your picture to the account.

Olathe_east_eats has to be one of the most embarrassing ones. While eating, nobody really pays attention to how they look. On the page there are very disturbing pictures of people eating. There are many students who are now too insecure to eat in the lunchroom. Anyone can take pictures of anyone while they’re eating simply because it is funny to them, even if it makes people insecure.

Oeplanks is a fun one. People go to random places around the school and plank. Even some teachers have participated in the fun. This page is just for fun and is not out to get people, nobody is forced to participate, its just something to do to have fun. Making the best out of mostly boring school days. Join the fun and try and find random clever places to plank and you’ll end up on Oeplanks instagram page.

Oehs_pda should be the #1 account everyone should try to avoid. That one is embarrassing and calls out couples that do more than shake hands or fist bump or high five in the hallways. Anything from holding hands to hugging to putting arms around each other to kissing, this account gets all the pictures people witness. Some of the pictures are jokes as simple as two friends hugging while others can be horribly bad quality pictures of couples kissing from far away. Ending up on this account would not be the most exciting thing in the world, that would be very embarrassing, so try and keep the pda out of the halls of the school.
Oe_handstands is also a fun one like oeplanks. This one people just do handstands around the school, groups of people have done it as well as teachers. To join in on the fun, go to random places and do handstands around the school.

The olathe east instagram pages can be super fun while others are to embarrass and call people out. Try to avoid ending up on the bad ones as best as possible. These accounts can seriously alter mental health due to students being insecure about certain things. Some of the accounts should go under review, or people should ask if they can send in certain pictures such as eating pictures. But overall these accounts can be super fun, searching for the different things happening around school and taking pictures.