The Best Coffee Shops in KC

I’ve traveled from city to city, street to street and block by block, never missing the chance to discover new places that have decided to make their twist on one very simple idea: coffee. So, for those who love coffee, classic teas, all things matcha, heart-melting pastries, and even sweeter staff, these are some of the best coffee shops in KC!


Simone Collins, Assistant Editor

  • The Home Away From Home: Sweet Tea’s 

Perfectly cozy and just around the corner of East. A hidden gem that’s climbed its way to the top in the last few years, Sweet Teas brings welcoming gratitude to their warm atmosphere. With endless flavors, from top-notch teas, ciders, smoothies, and a custom wall plastered with cups of your choosing, this place is an infinity of bliss. 

  • The Top Dog: Blackdog

A Johnson County favorite, Blackdog uses Kansas City’s native-owned “Messenger” coffee to create their everlasting taste of excellent coffee. House-made pastries that make a bad day one to remember, with their modern and youthful aura make you feel timeless as you catch up with old friends or study for an upcoming test. Just make sure you get there at a good time, for no matter what day it is, it’s popularity will show 24/7

  • The Paradise: Outta The Blue

Fairly new to a thriving area of Town Center, and its business clears shows. From its unique decor of comfy benches, eight hanging swings, and colorful ceiling lights, it truly is outta the ordinary. Their wilderness will float you to a place of serenity as you step into the cafe with the perfect luau feel. 

  • Contemporary, Please: Parisi

Where their roots symbolize the origin of coffee: Paris. With the grand chandeliers, there’s no need to travel across the world when a taste of France is right in your backyard… or better words, right down in downtown Overland Park. The place is sophistication personified. The glamor and utmost chicness will you convince you to take a sip with your pinky held out. 

  • The Original: 

Placed in downtown Kansas City, Messenger not only makes their coffee in-house and local but is widely used by other cafes, including the ones mentioned. It will provide everything you want: a place to unwind, chill, study and remember. Its fast-paced environment keeps you on your toes, and ready for what the days ahs to offer. Their grand display of mouth-watering pastries is a never-ending gift. Don’t forge to travel their three-story building, all the way to the top patio, with comfy chairs, couches, a fireplace, and their “can’t beat” view of the beauty that is Kansas City. 


Can’t get enough? Here are some more honorable mentions that should be on your “Need To Go To” 

  1. The Windmill: The most spectacular staff who will forever remember your name
  2. La Malinche: The best Hispanic twist on coffee 
  3. Brew Haha: The new kid in town 
  4. Pour: The Instagram worthy cafe  
  5. Splitlog: The getaway shop