The MLB Decision


Brett Gamber, Fun Director

There has been an ongoing controversy within the MLB playing field and the circumstances that incoming MLB prospects and current players may be affected by.

There were many points that the MLPA (Major League Players Association) and the MLB (Major League Baseball) would have to settle and agree on to keep the baseball season on track as in previous years. Both sides decided to start with the topic of Spring Training since that happens to be right around the corner. Proposals after proposals have been going through to try and come to a final compromise between the two sides. Spring Training does happen to be at risk of starting on time because pitchers and catchers are supposed to be reporting to Florida and Arizona in mid-February.

This would include a delay in the Spring Training if neither side could budge in their decisions, and could possibly take back the regular season a couple of weeks as well. A few of the various topics that have been mentioned in the many proposals have included the thought of a draft lottery that would conclude with the bottom three picks and getting the number one draft pick. Another interesting topic that was discussed was the idea of MLB prospects that would do well in their first year in the MLB would earn their team another draft pick, the awards that might get them to achieve that would be the CY Young, MVP, and Rookie of the Year. Other not as exotic topics were brought up as per usual with the expansion of the playoffs and have 14 teams instead of 12 and the idea of having a DH (designated hitter) for both the National League and American League.

Both sides of this argument are still deciding whether they think the most recent proposal is what the MLPA is hoping to achieve through this rough patch in the system. Will we see the MLB have a season this year? Will it be another shutdown but not because of COVID 19? That one we hope to figure out soon!