School Time Change, What Do The Students Think and Say?


Kennadee Brown and Natalie Ren

Interviewers Kennadee Brown and Natalie Ren asked our classmates the question of a late start or early start.

The question asked was, “Would you instead start school later at 9:00 am and release at 4:00 pm OR start earlier at 7:00 am and leave at 2:00 pm.

Their Responses were simple,

First-year student Carson Brand claims, “I would rather it start later and end at 4.”

Freshmen Claire Waggoner says, “I would rather do the 7am to 2pm”

Sophomore Trevor Widener believes, “Start at 9am and end at 4pm definitely.”

Sophomore Aeron Schober claims, “I would say, 7 to 2.”

Junior Adrian Bryant says, “Definitely start later”

Junior Paige Bunker believes, “The 9 to 4 sounds better.”

Senior Macy Proctor claims, “Probably earlier cause with work and practice, late start just doesn’t work.”


Senior Maia Weingartner says, “I’d much rather have it start later, I need sleep. Sleep is important, so start late.”