OE Real Stories: Persephone Crain


Natalie Ren, Editor

Persephone Crain is currently a senior at Olathe East high school, getting ready to graduate and go to college. But while 4 years of high school can pass by swiftly for many students, Crain says the journey to becoming a senior can have its various ‘ups’ and ‘downs’.

“Just trying to figure out who I am has been a struggle, over the past four years I have completely shifted my social circles and my aesthetic,” Crain said. But while the significant change in friends and aesthetics was difficult for Persephone, they expressed that while change is never easy, it was and still is essential to shaping who they are and who they have yet to become. “Being able to take a wide variety of classes and experiment with my interests is very rewarding,” Crain said.

Persephone is currently involved with Orchestra, Yearbook, and Olathe East’s Design Academy, which all require an immense amount of both time and talent. So it’s no surprise that Crain has a lot going on this year. But while they dedicate so many hours to each program they are in, Crain just seems to love doing what they are passionate about.

“A defining moment in my life was when I was in 6th grade. I was chosen to be in the District Orchestra which was the first time I heard a high school chamber play,” Crain said. “I remember telling myself I was going to work as hard as I could to be able to play like them someday.”

Persephone’s drive and passion for doing what they love, especially since it stemmed from a young age, is truly awe-inspiring. Crain says that attending Olathe East has helped them not only pursue their passion for Orchestra but also their other programs such as Yearbook and Design Academy. “My favorite thing about high school is the diverse opportunities that are offered to students,” Crain said.

While Persephone certainly has the work ethic and perseverance that many students envy, they say that it derives from the inspiration they get from their sister.

“I look up to my little sister. I know that sounds really weird because why would I look up to someone younger than me, but she has gone through so much and she smiles more than anyone else I’ve met. She’s the strongest person I know,” Crain said.

The drive and passion that Persephone has seems to run in the Crain family.

When asked what advice Crain would give their younger self, Crain said, “Hiding from the truth will just cause more suffering.”