Olathe East’s 2016 Election

Jacob Wilson and Felicity Wenger


graph-1And Olathe East’s new president is… Donald Trump! According to a poll taken by the Hawk’s Eye staff, the Republican nominee would win against the others according to students in our school. To some this may be surprising; to others he is the obvious choice. Below is some data and quotes written by the supporters of different candidates from the poll.


Hillary Clinton Supporters

“She has past presence in government and experience. Although I disagree with her past actions, I believe she is the most fit for the position based on her policies and ideas. Trump has absolutely no policies or experience and is unfit for presidency. I’d vote for Hillary over Trump any day, no matter the influence.”

Michaela Bilyeu, Junior

“I feel like she is more responsible and straight headed. She also has much more experience.”

Alex Halsey, Sophomore

“GOD HELP US IF TRUMP IS ELECTED! He doesn’t believe in global warming and as of currently our habitat is at an all time decline. Coral reefs are dying, and the Amazon rain forest sometimes quoted as the “lungs of the Earth” are one-third the original size. Earth simply can’t afford someone like Trump right now. In other words he is the nail in the coffin from a global warming standpoint.”

Max Feemster, Senior


Donald Trump Supporters

“Donald Trump is truly the man for the job. Clinton plans to take out constitutional right to bear arms. People kill people, not guns.”

Hunter Dakin, Sophomore

“Trump has a lot of experience in running a large company, he knows more about economics and he agrees in equal rights. I feel that if Trump gets elected, our economy would grow as well as the employment rate.”

Weston Groves, Sophomore

“Donald Trump will bring jobs back to the US by putting tariffs on imports and getting businesses to come back to the US.”

Carson Gray, Junior

Trump has the money to help the US with its problems and is far superior than Hillary. When Trump asked her questions on the debate, she was like a deer in headlights. Hillary is too dumb to be president if you ask me. She doesn’t know what she is doing.

Sam Bajich, Sophomore


Gary Johnson Supporters

“It’s the best option for advancing civil liberties along with the constitution.”

Emily Sweat, sophomore

“Libertarianism can save this country; though it may not be the best system, like objectivism is, it’s the best system we have a choice of choosing with Gary. We need a libertarian to run this country, no doubt about it.”

Caleb Franklin, Sophomore

“Hillary is like the corrupt mob leader, but Donald Trump is like the evil villain. Hillary lies, but Trump is a sexist, racist candidate who supports the KKK. Gary Johnson is a third party candidate who is eligible in all 50 states, and since two-thirds of America hate both Trump and Clinton, he has an actual chance of winning.”

Esther Rose, Sophomore


Jacob Wilson // Graphics Editor

Felicity Wenger // Staff Writer