Best Fashion Trends 2016

Melanie Eszter, Social Media Chair

The change in breeze means ripped jeans and fall themes in shades of army green.

Fashion trends are not about which brands you wear as in H & M and PINK. They are about how you represent yourself and your personality as an individual.

However different colors and patterns exist in the fall which can accommodate anyone’s stylistic needs.

“Bomber jackets especially in the army green and pale pink are so stylish, which I think is adorable,” Senior Nicole Simmons said. One of the perks of these styles is that you can be casual and dress but these fashions up with jewelry or super cute heels which will add a formal feel to any look.

Another popular trend is Henna tattoos which you can get done or you can do yourself. Henna a type of  temporary tattoo, lasts two to four weeks. Many different designs are offered on the internet and YouTube. The process is done by mixing the ink, drawing a design on a specific surface either a hand or foot usually. When the ink dries it falls off, your gorgeous new henna tattoo is revealed.

“I love henna, I think it’s so elegant and beautiful. It’s a fun way to be funky and express yourself,” Junior Katie Wingate said.

This culture trend has been seen all over the country as a way to express yourself.

On the fashion scene chokers and hennas are being focused on many different styles and designs.

Many different trends are making their way back to your closets.

“I feel that it all makes a circle and comes back which I feel is good and bad,” Sophomore Torie Thompson said.

“Fashion tends to repeat itself from different time periods: button up skirts, overalls, halter neck lines, denim, and velvet are and have been “trendy” this year,” Junior Bayley Woodson said.

Celebrities can bring back trends by wearing retro styles.

“As far as celebrities go, it depends on how you align with someone based on their personal politics or their beliefs,” said Jill Vohs said, teacher of Fashion classes at East.

Appearance can be fickle depending on who and what you like but everyone should dress in a style that’s completely them.


To stay up to date with all the new fashion trends Olathe East offers a few classes that include Textiles I and II, Design trends I and II,  Interior design I and II and Design Studio open to seniors.

Students in sewing classes, textiles I and II, learn the basics on how to sew and work with clothing. On the other hand, Interior Design focuses on designing rooms, picking out swatches and deciding furniture needed for the room you are designing. Design trends focuses on the fashion aspect and informs students on current fashion trends and designs. However, Design Studio Fashion, Interior Design, and Textiles all come together to produce the fashion show in the spring. This class is more of a fashion industry-based class, where all previously learned skills are put to the test.

Fashion classes here at East in particular not only prepares students to become proficient in the fashion industry, but they also offer many life lessons as well.

“You’re always going to wear clothes, live in a house, and you’re always going to need to repair holes you might get in your clothes,” Vohs said.

“Even if you don’t follow into that area, you will still need all three,” Vohs said. As the fashion industry is very competitive skills and exciting, this field may not be for everyone. Many students are unaware of the fabulous fashion knowledge and opportunities that are offered at East.

“People should join because it is a fun class where you learn about fashion and it made me want to make my own fashion as well,” Junior Katie von Bevern said.

All of Vohs classes prepare students for the real world and the fashion industry in where deadlines must be met, unlike some classes where your grade just gets docked since late work is accepted.

The fashion industry, along with trends, continue to change faster than the blink of an eye. Love what you wear and remember yourself through whatever you do this way, wear your “halo” and take the fashion world by storm.


Melanie Eszter // Social Media Chair