Tis’ the Season for Cold and Flu

Addis Sharpe, Business Manager

The season of clogged tissues, Tylenol, sore throats, and sweatpants has arrived to many miserable sufferers.

“You definitely want to keep yourself as healthy as possible. You want to have a good mix of vegetables and fruit, and make sure you exercise and keep yourself in good shape,” said OE Nurse Johns.

The importance of taking precautions this time of year, especially this winter season cannot be underestimated.

“Drink fluids, take medicine, and do what you can do prophylactically to keep the fever down and treat the

symptoms,” Johns said.

“If students are running a fever, they should stay home. Also [they] should not hang around someone that is

running a fever. They should stay away,” said Johns

“[The flu] can be very contagious and can land you in the hospital,” Johns said.

Whether coughing, sneezing, or a crushing headache take care to enjoy the joyous holiday season.

Recommendations For Key Health from Nurse Johns

Stay at home

“It is important that they stay home.” Staying at home is important to stop the spread of illness.

Get flu shots

“I definitely recommend the flu shots.” The Center for Disease Control reported that flu vaccines have nearly a 60     percent efficiency rate.

*Flu shots are available at any near by CVS or Walgreens.

Wash hands

“Make sure you wash your hands; that’s the quickest way to spread any type of germs.” 80% of communicable diseases are transferred by touch (touching of food, one’s nose, one’s mouth, etc.).

*30 seconds is the ideal washing time

Change toothbrush

“Change your toothbrush after a fever.” Instead of buying a new toothbrush one can put the toothbrush in antibacterial mouthwash.

Stay healthy

“You want to have a good mix of vegetables and fruit, make sure you exercise and keep yourself in good shape.” Living a balanced life will decrease the chances of getting sick.

Addis Sharpe // Business Manager