New Year New Me

Felicity Wenger, Staff Writer

Losing Weight     

Normally people who are serious about losing weight buy a

gym membership but only go to the gym once or twice. To avoid that

you can just set up one gym appointment at a time or get a personal

trainer to set up appointments with you. Another way to start losing

weight is instead of completely changing your diet or cutting out certain foods, slowly replace things with healthier options. The following are

a few healthy alternatives for you to try:


-Switch potato chips for kale chips or apple chips

-Switch a breakfast bar for a whole fruit and/or veggie smoothie

-Switch chocolate chip pancakes for banana nut pancakes

-Switch French fries for sweet potato fries


Learning Something New


Many people want to learn a new skill but they don’t know what they

want to learn or how to learn it. The following are a few simple skills

you can take on and master in your free time:


-Crocheting: Patterns of all sorts can be downloaded online for free.

Multiple tutorials are available on YouTube.

-Playing an instrument: You can take lessons and rent instrument

from music stores or here at school. You’re never too old to learn

to play an instrument.

-Origami: All you need for this is paper and some patience. Try out

tutorials of different designs on YouTube.

-Cooking or Baking: Millions of recipes can be found online. This

skill could require a multitude of materials and time but its all part of

the fun. Knowing simple cooking terms could be really helpful in the

long run.

-Learning hairstyles: Certain YouTube channels are dedicated

purely to cool hairstyles. This gives you another reason to hang out

with friends: to practice on them. For the boys, learning how to tie

a bowtie is a useful skill. There’s never a bad time to look spiffy.


Saving Money


Spending less and saving more is a common goal. People have a

tendency to spend their hard earned money as soon as they receive

it but soon regret that decision. The following ways should help you

save a couple dollars:


– Turning off the TV will cut down on your electricity bill. Even just switching it off a couple hours earlier than you’re used to will help.

– Writing out a shopping list of exactly what you need is always

helpful. That way you won’t forget what you need but more importantly, you need to stick to that shopping list. Keep items you don’t need out

of the cart.

-Keeping away from fast food is both healthy for you and a money

saver. If you’re addicted, just limit yourself. Instead of going to get fast

food everyday, just go once or twice a week instead.

– Take a look through your closet. You would be surprised how many

unwanted things you possess. Donating them to Goodwill or Savers is always a good idea.

-Instead of going out with friends, just invite them over to your place.


Living Life to the Fullest


People complain about how boring their lives are on a daily basis.

We’re all guilty of this but some of us want to spice things up a bit.

The following are a few ways to help you start living a fuller life.


-Accepting yourself as a person is necessary if you’re looking to

live a fuller, happier life.

-Be a more honest person. You should always be truthful with friends

and family but also with yourself.

-Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you need to work harder than you’re comfortable with. This might not be fun in the moment

but pays off in the end.

-Be more selfless. Giving back is an extremely kind deed and makes you feel refreshed. Don’t forget it makes you look and feel better as a person.

It’s a guaranteed way to lift your spirits.

-Be respectful to everyone. No matter how much you dislike someone,

be nice to them. You never know what someone is going through and everyone deserves respect.


Spending Time With Family


Work and school tend to keep families apart, which many people like to change. The following are some easy ways to spend more time with family:


-Have dinner together: Just sitting down for a meal gives you a solid

half hour to discuss your day.

-Exercise together: Working out with family can be a fun activity to

do with people you like spending time with, and is more motivational

for the both of you.

-Take little monthly vacations: We all need some time to get away

every so often, so why not take a little trip with your loved ones?

-Go on a drive: This activity sounds simple but being in an enclosed

space prompts conversation and you can always turn on the radio to fill empty air.

-Establish a family night: Dedicate one night a week to any family activity you desire such as a board game. If you can’t decide on an activity, let a different family member choose something every week.


Felicity Wenger // Staff Writer