To Serve and To Protect

Olathe East Students Look Forward To Enlisting In The Military

Basima Khan, Managing Editor

After graduating high school, a student must choose a career path; enlisting in the military is one of the career paths many students choose. To join the military, an individual must be a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident. In addition, he or she must possess a high school diploma. Although individuals can enlist with a General Education Development or GED, their opportunities in the military may become limited.

The military imposes a maximum and minimum age limit on individuals. Individuals looking to enlist in the military must be 17 years old with parental consent or 18 years old without parental consent. The five branches of the military possess contrasting maximum age limits depending on whether one serves as active duty, reserve, guard, or service academies.

The first step a high school student must take if he or she develops an interest in joining the United States Armed Forces is contacting a military recruiter. A recruiter can answer questions and reveal important information about enlisting in the military. Then, an individual must report to Military Entrance Processing Station or MEPS.

Located throughout the United States of America, the Military Entrance Processing Station screens and examines military applicants through a variety of tests to determine whether or not a military applicant meets the standards and principles of the United States Armed Forces. At the Military Entrance Processing Station, one must take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB and pass a physical and medical examination. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery functions as a multiple choice test that determines whether or not an applicant is qualified to enlist in the military.

In addition to completing the ASVAB, an individual must meet physical eligibility requirements. The examination includes a military applicant’s height and weight measurements, hearing and vision inspections, urine and blood tests, and drug and alcohol tests. Once an applicant completes the ASVAB and the physical and medical examination, he or she must meet with a counselor to determine which military branch they serve in.

Finally, the applicant will take the Oath of Enlistment, in which he or she promises to defend the United States Constitution and obey the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Senior Nicolas Cross will be one of the Olathe East students enlisting in the military this year. Inspired by his grandfathers who served in the military, Cross decided to follow in their footsteps and join the military.

His decision was reinforced when he learned about the advantages the military provides.

“When I knew for sure I was going to go into the military was when I heard about the great benefits and opportunities,” Cross said.

To enlist in the military, Cross completed paperwork and attended an eight hour event at Military Entrance Processing Station or M.E.P.S. Cross is looking forward to joining the Marine Corps.