History of JDM Cars


2 Fast 2 Furious (the drivers and their cars)

Madeline Dorau, Assistant Editor

   Although most people admire the new fast and in-syle cars with their updated technology such as advanced assisted driving, and the ability to use your phone through the car, a small percentage of people instead look back on the JDM (Japanese domestic market) cars. These cars, hence their category, originated from Japan in the 80s and are of high horsepower speed and a visually pleasing body. Some popular JDM car brands are Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Lexus, many of which have migrated to America and have grown it’s brands. 


   If you are a fan of cars, films such as the Fast and Furious franchise or Ford vs Ferrari should be familiar titles as the moves are all centered around these JDMs as well as a few muscle cars which is a category similar to JDM but use more old school techniques, emphasizing their speed in racing. Not just that, but they also show off the unique bodies of each of the cars with their low-to-the-ground builds and sleek paint designs. 

   A notable car from the Fast and Furious franchise is the 1999 Skyline GT-R R34  (Nissan) which is driven in the second Fast and Furious film (2Fast 2Furious)  by starring actor Paul Walker. This car branches from the older generation of Nissan Skylines which makes these sports cars designed for high-tech speed and excellent performance. 


Surprisingly, the cost of these old cars are actually pretty affordable… the body at least, but its maintenance requires a lot of time and money which many are not willing to commit to. A disadvantage to wanting these cars is that any JDM younger than 25 years is illegal to drive in the US due to not complying with most of the requirements for emission controls and safety. But once the car is passed 25 years, it is legal to import. Finding these cars can come with the challenge of finding the right importers which is also why it’s important to research as much as you can about the said car you desire in case you don’t get scammed. 

   It’s not guaranteed that you will find the perfect car with all of its parts completely working or intact which is why there are part imports that are specifically targeted to JDM parts. If you really want one of these cars, you have to be ready for commitment and burning a hole in your pockets with how much you might need to spend on it.