Schools should be closed after Halloween

Schools should be closed after Halloween

Colten Blake, Staff Writer

Most kids on Halloween dress up as whatever they desire and go trick or treating for candy – if they’re young with their parents if they’re older with their friends.

But who you’re with does not change the fact that Halloween is one of the biggest holidays of the year and we still have not changed the rules! The rule in question? Having school the next day after Halloween.

Kids don’t wanna go trick or treating getting all that candy just to have to go home, brush their teeth, then go to bed and go to school the next day. They want to go out with their friends and family to trick or treat, get lots of candy, come home and watch movies all night.

Sadly Halloween will not fall on a weekend for another four years, a way to prevent this is to just cancel school to celebrate Halloween the right way, and should not be only done in Olathe Kansas, this should be a thing all over the United States. Every kid should have one day to munch down on candy all night with their friends. This would be nationwide if we pull this off and mean a lot to the young and teen kids.