Diary of a Black Friday Shopper

13 hours, 3 cups of coffee, 6 women and 164 million others packed into department stores and standing in lines; is the process really worth it for a few good deals?


Mychaela Burris, Senior Staff Writer

5:30am-I woke up to an obnoxious alarm and put on comfy clothes and shoes; who needs makeup? This is Black Friday, not a fashion show. I grab a hat and a hoodie and prepare myself to walk quickly through packed stores. I pack waters and snacks in the car for between stores and my mom reminds me to bring ibuprofen; my head is going to hate me at the end of the day.

6:00-Driving through a Starbucks for the first coffee run for the day, a doubleshot espresso cappuccino is necessary along with some protein to keep myself running until lunch.

6:30-We meet up with friends and aunts, prepare with a Braveheart speech to divide and conquer.

7:23-We have arrived at first store-Kohls. The caffeine is beginning to kick in now and we’re ready to hunt for the best deals the department has to offer, this is a little insane, isn’t it?

8:35-I try on clothing and prepare to buy way too much, I will probably regret most of these purchases and return most of the pieces next week. It’s still a great deal, better now than anytime later.

9:00-I’m standing in an absurdly long line to check out, and I remember once again why people prefer Cyber Monday and I begin to miss my couch. We are only four hours in; I can’t fade out yet!

9:34-Finally we’ve reached the front of the line, swipe the card, double check to make sure I got all of the discounts and pay.

9:45-We rush to the car, load the items beginning careful not to leave anything in the cart and drive to the next store.

10:00-We hit up Target as our second stop, must begin mentally preparing myself for the masses of humans pushing to get the same electronic and homegood deals.

10:01-I’m trying not to get trampled while walking in to the store. People push past in a frenzy, all fighting to reach the same center aisle kiosks while talking on phones and texting frantically making sure not to miss anything on their lists.

10:23-I’m walking fast and hurrying to find and check out all the necessary items while my mom is asking me to double check the catalog. She’s arguing with the cashier over a sale now.

11:02-We walk to the next store and proceed to repeat the last few hours again in this new location.

12:43pm-While eating snacks and hydrating after unloading many more shopping bags into the car, I become aware of my feet that are already hurting. I soon find myself walking into another store.

1:35-I stop to pick up a second coffee to keep my energy alive. I can’t slow down just yet still many stops to make.

1:43-I continue to try and be patient while waiting in the line to get my shopping motivation in a Starbucks Christmas cup.

2:34-We make a necessary stop for awhile and eat some lunch, possibly strategize for the next few stores.

3:23-We begin the drive to Lenexa, sitting gives our feet a much-needed break and I’m glad to be out of fluorescent lighting even just for a little while.

4:05-I shop in one store until everyone realizes it’s already become dark outside. We continue to shop until our stomachs remind us we need dinner; the third cup of coffee isn’t cutting it anymore.

6:20-Dinner time.

7:02-We begin the drive home, rubbing my feet I remember we forgot to stop at a specific store for new shoes.

7:23-I bought more shoes.

8:03-We proceed to make a few more stops on our way home.

9:13-Soon we have arrived home and I don’t hesitate to crash on the couch. Surrounded by shopping bags I realize I only bought six items and I question, was it really worth it?


Mychaela Burris // Senior Staff Writer