Holidays with Hallmark

Melanie Eszter, Managing Editor

When the air outside gets colder and the days get shorter, one knows that the holidays are just around the corner. For many with the holiday season comes the much anticipated Hallmark movies. Fans or not, there are still plenty of reasons why you should watch, and not just only during the holiday season.

For starters the Hallmark Channel airs both movies and shows that deal with a variety of topics including relationships, holidays and Fall/ Summer specials. You can basically, just like a Hallmark card, find one for any occasion or emotion you are feeling, all year around. Even though, Hallmark movies have something for anyone’s opinions and film needs, many people are opposed to the cheeriness and joy that can be found in them. Every Hallmark movie has a plot, which follows a series of characters, usually between a boy and girl who will end up getting married or being in a relationship.

During the holiday season the movies usually follow a family who is either missing a parent, or a main character who will fall in love with their soul mate. These type of movies will leave you with a smile and are often the endings/ movies that you think of when you think “fairy tales”.

Anyway for this sole reason you should watch Hallmark movies. They are feel good movies that instantly improve your mood and make you happy in a sense. Who doesn’t want to feel 100 times better about themselves and how they see reality?  I know I do. So for a happy ending where everything turns out the way it’s supposed to (or at least how we think it should), Hallmark is definitely the way to go. Another reason why you should watch Hallmark movies is because they are very different from the regular programs that you could find on cable through channel surfing. Hallmark leaves out the gore that most shows nowadays include and they also make an effort to avoid the hot and heavy realities of relationships. They in a way shelter, yes they shelter you, but they shelter you from a myriad of shows that are less desirable. Hallmark movies also have a way of soothing you and your feelings, therefore, many turn to Hallmark for tasteful romance movies that are more about the “lovely dovey” fantasy that we picture when we think of what a crush or relationship would be like. Hallmark offers an alternative to the generational “crap” that is constantly being shoved down our throats every single day which is transmitted through other media outlets such as social media and music.

Hallmark, also is not dramatic or scandalous for the most part, as the movies can have drama and sad moments in them but nothing that is worse than a divorce or an injured relative. Which in the end gets resolved with a happy ending that we all crave, especially during the holiday season. Therefore, Hallmark movies are light and appealing to our inner desires and to our very hearts. Even after these reasons some people still take a shot at defaming Hallmark for its incredible movies and these reasons include that Hallmark is “predictable or cheesy.” I will state that this is true, but for the most part it makes a Hallmark movie what it is. Without its predictability or cheesiness, it would not be the happy, movie that we want. Another reason many bypass the Hallmark Channel is because “Hallmark movies are always about white people” and that they barely include minorities such as African Americans, Asians, and Gay/ lesbian individuals. While this is true, Hallmark is making countless efforts to be more inclusive to the types of people are represented and portrayed in their films and TV shows.

However, especially to me Hallmark movies are not about who is in it but the plot of the film, and I can truly de-stress knowing that there will not be a plot twist or a mass murder who will take out everyone at the end of the movie (excluding the Hallmark Murders and Mystery channel, that is another story). One could then see how race or stereotypes could be a deal breaker on whether to watch Hallmark or not, but it is truly up to your own interests and opinions.

Although if you have a chance definitely check it out and if you need help finding a great Hallmark holiday movie to watch, I highly recommend The Most Wonderful Time of the Year and Snow Bride, two of my favorite Hallmark holiday films. Make sure to let me know your thoughts on these films if you watch them over the break. Anyways, however you choose to spend your break make sure to enjoy your time with family and friends, just as Hallmark movies have a special place in our hearts so too do the memories that we make with our loved ones. On behalf of “The Hawk’s Eye” staff we wish you a happy holiday from our family to yours. Have a great break and see you next year!


Melanie Eszter // Managing Editor